AMD and Qualcomm Technologies to Support Always Connected PCs on Ryzen Mobile Platforms

AMD announced that they are working with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. to bring smooth and fast PC connectivity solutions to AMD's high-performance Ryzen™ mobile processors, featuring the world's fastest processor for ultrathin notebooks. 

Zebronics launches Orion Gaming headset

Zebronics Pvt. Ltd, India’s leading supplier of IT peripherals, Audio/Video and Surveillance products that delivers impressive product experience with some of industry's unique launches, unveils its newest ‘Orion’ gaming headphones. 

Zebronics India Pvt.

Gamewarez Gaming Beanbags Review

While a good gaming experience depends mostly on the game itself, it's also important to have a nice seat and posture to keep you going for some hours. PC gamers have had nice gaming chairs for years now, allowing them to enjoy a great gaming experience. However, these chairs are meant for PC gamers as without a desk, they're practically useless for for example console gamers.

Tesla is using battery technology for smaller devices

Tesla just released their Tesla truck and the fastest car on the earth. But after all this the released a powerbank with Tesla batter technology in it. The must have for every Tesla fan.

Boston Dynamic's Atlas robot does backflips

Boston Dynamics is a company that has been working on the agility of robots for quite some years. Remembering some Atlas iterations back, the robot still stumbled like a drunken man. This however, has changed for the better. While we still can't expect them to be as agile as the robots displayed in movies, it can already do some backflips and parkours.

Tesla announcing the future for trucks

During the introduction of Tesla's electric trailers, there was another interesting product that showed up on the screen. They call it the'Tesla Semi Truck'. A lot of attention has gone to those Semi trucks as Walmart already announced to preorder 15 of these. We suspect that the deal was already closed before the big unveiling of the truck.

Full flexible Doogee screen coming in the near future

Next year Doogee will launch a full-flexible smartphone screen. Evan Blass, aka @evleaks tweeted 2 pictures with the bended screens on.

waterresistant mechanical keyboard from razer

Razer is know for delivering great quality keyboards. They have released a mechanical keyboard that is water and dust partical resistant. This makes sure that you have a quality keyboard not only in a perfect clean game and development environment, but in every environment.

Mozilla Quantum update

Mozilla firefox has released version 57. This update uses the Quantum-engine instead of the Gecko-engine. This will make firefox way faster and it will use 30% less memory.

Three new Iphones that look like the X next year

Earlier this year Apple came up with the Iphone X. There are rumors that it would serve next year as the basic model to make three new Iphones.

Disney streaming service to cost less than Netflix

Disney is planning to launch its own streaming service which will be comparable to Netflix, but with a lower pricetag. However, they do mention that this will be because of the lower amount of content at launch. During their latest earnings report they already announced that they will remove their content from Netflix

Samsung GDDR6 memory speeds announced

Samsung recently released some information regarding CES awards, in this piece of information, a snippet of an award pointing towards their GDDR6 memory was found. We filtered some of the text that includes some specifications and technology used in the memory. 

End of League of Legends season

The 7th League of Legends, will end this night, but Riot Games is ready for a new spectacular preseason and the 8th season.

Hesh 3 review

Almost everybody has once heard from the brand Skullcandy. If you are looking for a headphone the chances are really high that you will encounter a Skullcandy. With their new Bluetooth headphone they want to make a statement and show that they deliver really good quality that is useable for everybody and that they evolve there technologies in a good way. 

Review: Kaspersky Total Security 2018

In a time of ransomware, spyware and other types of nasty malicious code, a good anti-malware suite, together with a critical mind, is vital to keep your system clean. We take a look at Kaspersky's Total Security Suite.

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