AMD Launch Ryzen 5 CPUs

Following the successful introduction of AMD Ryzen™ 7 desktop processors including record pre-orders and award-winning1performance, 

Kingston Ships Second-most SSDs in Channel Worldwide in 2016

According to a recent research, Kingston, the independent world leader in memory products, holds 16 percent of the global channel SSD unit market share for 2016.

Kingston MobileLite Wireless G3 Review

As work gets more hectic and days get busier, portability becomes the need of the hour. Functionality and portability go hand in hand. The product in question for this review is the Kingston MobileLite Wireless G3. The MobieLite Wireless G3 by Kingston seeks to serve multiple functions while on the go.

BOINC: How your pc's idle time can help research

Academic research doesn't just cost a lot of money, more often than not it also requires a significant amount of computing power. In many cases, it is not viable to get this computational power fro

BOINC is a distributed-computing client that allows you to contribute your pc's idle time to various research projects of your own choice.

AMD confirms faulty temperature reading for 1800X and 1700X CPU

If you've been using a Ryzen 1800X or even a 1700X CPU, you've wonder why it runs so hot in comparison to the 1700 chip.

A hitchhikers guide to Mechanical Keyboard Switches

This article will give the reader a clearer view of the different types of existing mechanical keyboard switches. More specifically, we take a look at both Cherry MX switches, Razer's switches and Logitech's Romer-G Mechanical Keyboard Switches.

SHA-1 Hash Collisions in a nutshell

This article gives more insight in the purpose of hashing algorithms related to security. We attempt to express in layman's terms what everything does and means.

So what is AMD Ryzen all about?

AMD Ryzen, code name, “Summit Ridge” is built on the 14nm technology. The Ryzen R7 lineup includes the 1800X, 1700X and the 1700. These are all 8 core and 16 thread CPUs with each varying in frequency and price.

Zebronics announces its Monster pro x10 and Monster pro 2x10 Tower Speaker, with DJing skills; priced at Rs. 18,181/-

Zebronics India Pvt Ltd, India's leading supplier of IT peripherals, Audio/Video and Surveillance products announces another Sound performer unlike any other Monster pro x10 and Monster pro 2x10 th

ZOPO Mobile to shake Indian Smartphone market with Flash X Plus

ZOPO Mobile, the fastest growing Smartphone brand sets up the stage to capture a significant market share with its new offering, the Flash X Plus.

AMD Previews "Naples" High-Performance Server Processor, Prepares to Return Innovation and Choice to the Datacenter in Q2 2017

 AMD took a significant step into the server and datacenter market with its most detailed look yet at the upcoming high-performance CPU for servers, codenamed "Naples".

First Logitech PRO G keyboard announced

Logitech a well know company by gamers finally produced its first Logitech Pro G keyboard. This keyboard is a quality full gaming keyboard designed and used by top pro E-sport players.



Scythe compatible with AM4



Scynte a Japanese expert on cooling confirms compatibility with the new AM4 socket and announces AM4 Montage kits to expand their assortiment.

AMD Ryzen Launched

After four years and thousands of hours of development, AMD released the first three models of its highly anticipated, high-performance AMD Ryzen™ desktop processor. Strong demand for these new desktop CPUs drove record pre-orders from more than 180 global retailers and boutique OEMs throughout the week prior to launch.

Skullcandy Barricade XL Review

Skullcandy has been a lifestyle brand with a focus on modernizing audio products for a long time now. In stores, I mostly saw their huge range of earbuds, headphones, ... A big part of them were meant for low budget consumers. Since some time ago I realized at IFA 2016 that Skullcandy actually has some great higher end products.

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