53% of developers working on PC leading up to Game Developer Conference 2014

Submitted by Tom Perkins on Wed, 02/19/2014 - 13:35

Developers were recently questioned on their preferred platforms before the Game Developers Conference in March. 
Over 2600 developers were surveyed, and the results conclusively show that while Playstation 4 is the console of choice, PC and mobile platforms are experiencing a boom not seen for a long time.

52% plan to develop using PC or Mac as a platform, 51% intend on using mobile, 20% for Playstation 4 just beats Xbox One at 17%, with Wii U trailing behind at 4%.

Of those that are currently developing, 53% are on PC/Mac, 52% are mobile, 14% for Playstation 4, 12% for Xbox One and just 4% for the Wii U.
These numbers clearly show that PC is the platform of choice. This can be explained by the response to the question of who's funding the game, with 46% funding the game with their own savings. Self publishers also feature, with 64% of developers not working with a publishing company.

This data gives an indication that GDC may play host to a swag of indie developers and their niche PC projects. Whether that's true or not, we'll find out in March.

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