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An Agenda, BlackHoleTec In 2016 | Black Hole Tec

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An Agenda, BlackHoleTec In 2016

Submitted by Robbie Pyckhout on Wed, 02/10/2016 - 16:45

First of all, I want to explain the absence of content on BlackHoleTec last months. As you all know, we're students with a very strict time sheme. Passing exams was our top priority and held us back from writing articles and reviews. From this moment on we'll be back in the game with some new announcements about how our year will pass. BlackHoleTec still got the same ambitions as we had in the beginning, but we're looking to explore more areas of expertise as well as other aspects of the online universe.

You might have noticed that we didn't organize a Black Hole Mayhem in 2015, one of our greatest regrets... That won't happen again as we're tempted to host another Benchmark Competition on a wider scale. You might even see an updated Black Hole Benchmark enter 2016. 

Besides the Black Hole Mayhem, there'll be 2 give-aways on which some lucky souls can retrieve great new gadgets.

After years of writing and reading the same blog, your eyes must have grown tired of that boring design we still use. This is another project that'll get our attention in 2016, a full remake of the design will take place in the next few months. Also a migration to another, more capable external server will be needed to keep up the responsiveness of BlackHoleTec which will get first priority in the next couple of weeks.

Like described in the introduction above, we'll extend our areas of expertise for which we'll need a greater working force... A recruitement plan will run through the year to initiate new writers with potential. You can send us a mail if you're interested in joining our course.

Last but not least, we've a new aspect of BlackHoleTec to announce which listens to the name 'BlackHoleTec Gaming' - 'BHTec Gaming'! If you get the name right, you should be able to assume that it's gaming involved ;-). After some consultation with one coach, we were able to struck a deal with a very gifted eSports team having lots of experience in League Of Legends. A whole new part of the website will be devoted to this team as they'll have their own blog, channel page and information pages. We'll be launching the team's page next week! 

So, now that you have an insight in our intentions for 2016, we'd like to share some of our great experiences and opportunities we have been offered the past years:

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Keeping up with new inventions and technological improvements is kinda my thing. Writing about technology is just a result of my fascination with it. I hope to provide readers with as much news as possible, everyday.
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