AMD EPYC™ Datacenter Processor Launches with Record-Setting Performance, Optimized Platforms, and Global Server Ecosystem Support

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AMD, and a global ecosystem of server partners, today marked a new era in the datacenter with the launch of AMD EPYC™7000 series high-performance datacenter processors. AMD was joined by multiple customers and partners at the global launch event in presentinga wide array of systems, performance demonstrations, and customer testimonials. The innovative, record-setting AMD EPYC design, with up to 32 high-performance “ Zen” cores and an unparalleled feature set, delivers greater performance than the competition across a full range of integer, floating point, memory bandwidth, and I/O benchmarks and workloads. “ With our EPYC family of processors, AMD is delivering industry-leading performance on critical enterprise, cloud, and machine intelligence workloads,” said Lisa Su, president and CEO, AMD. “ EPYC processors offer uncompromising performance for single-socket systems while scaling dual-socket server performance to new heights, outperforming the competition at every price point. We are proud to bring choice and innovation back to the datacenter with the strong support of our global ecosystem partners.” The world’s largest server manufacturers introduced products based on AMD EPYC 7000-series processors at today’s launch, including HPE, Dell, Asus, Gigabyte, Inventec, Lenovo, Sugon, Supermicro, Tyan, and Wistron. Primary hypervisor and server operating system providers Microsoft, Red Hat, and VMware showcased optimized support for EPYC, while key server hardware ecosystem partners Mellanox, Samsung Electronics, and Xilinx were also featured in EPYC-optimized platforms.


EPYC Product Overview

  • A highly scalable System on Chip (SoC) design ranging from 8-core to 32-core, supporting two high-performance threads per core.
  • Industry-leading memory bandwidth across the line-up, with 8 channels of memory on every EPYC device. In a two-socket server, support for up to 32 DIMMS of DDR4 on 16 memory channels, delivering up to 4 terabytes of total memory capacity.
  • Unprecedented support for integrated, high-speed I/O with 128 lanes of PCIe® 3 on every product
  • A highly-optimized cache structure for high-performance, energy efficient compute
  • AMD Infinity Fabric coherent interconnect linking EPYC CPUs in a two-socket system
  • ·Dedicated security hardware

​A view of the chip




EPYC Product Lineup


Core/Thread Base Frequency Max Boost TDP
EPYC 7601 32/64 2.2GHz 3.2GHz 180W
EPYC 7551P 32/64 2.0GHz 3.0Ghz 180W
EPYC 7501 32/64 2.0GHz 3.0GHz 155/170W
EPYC 7451 24/48 2.3GHz 3.2GHz 180W
EPYC 7401P 24/48 2.0GHz 3.0GHz 155/170W
EPYC 7351P 16/32 2.4GHz 2.9GHz 155/170W
EPYC 7301 16/32 2.2GHz 2.7GHz 155/170W
EPYC 7281 16/32 2.1GHz 2.7GHz 155/170W
EPYC 7251 8/16 2.1GHz 2.9GHz 120W


So how are these CPUs going to perform? What's in store for us? Well, only time will tell. These chips do look promising and at the right price they could be a great purchase.

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