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AMD Fury X - what will it be used for? | Black Hole Tec

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AMD Fury X - what will it be used for?

Submitted by Brecht Theys on Tue, 07/07/2015 - 00:00

The last couple of years, people have always had massive E-ATX motherboard compatible cases, with massive heatsinks on their CPU’s and not to forget an insanely large SLI configuration .This used to be what a quality gaming PC looked like. Personally, I still think this is the case. A gaming rig needs to look like it has a lot horsepower underneath the hood. The new gaming PC’s people are building, do not give off that particular “beefy” look. I’m talking of course about the new builds, using ITX form factor cases.

Now, if you want to build a good, long lasting gaming rig, most of your budget will probably be used on one component, the graphics processing unit, or GPU for short. Most people are currently using Nvidia’s 900 series GPU’s, such as the GTX 970 and 960. Other people use the AMD equivalent GPU’s, such as the R9 290X and R9 280 - these two are most common. The point I’m trying to make is that the GPU is probably the most important part of your gaming rig.

As the title says this article is all about AMD’s new Fury X. So let us get to it then.
The Radeon R9 Fury X, commonly refered to as the “Fury X”, was launched only a couple of weeks ago, on June 16 to be precise. The consumer had been waiting for this since Febuary, when information about it was leaked by AMD,  and when it was released it certainly turned some heads. People’s opinions were different. But this is what me, and of course my pal David who greatly helped me out by giving me his opinion, managed to find out about the Fury X after a heavy night of playing low-budget videogames.
So, we’ve been reading about the Fury X and so far, we can clearly see people have very different opinions. Some people claim the Fury X is an abomination and should not exist, others claim this is the graphics card is the best one around and it should be compulsory to use this one in every PC build. Personally we think it’s neither,it’s a great card, but I definitely would not use it in every gaming rig.

The card itself has a really slick look. Not only does it look incredibly small, but it actually looks quite good, as far as can be seen on the images and videos found online. The red letters spelling “Radeon” and the rubber-like soft touch area on top really make the card stand out. The absence of a fan on the shroud really does make the looks of this graphics card distinctive when compared to most other GPUs.   And as you may have noticed, there’s this weird looking cable attached to the GPU, that good sir or madam, is the built-in watercooling. Yes, AMD’s Fury X has built-in watercooling, which personally I find amazing. But it has its pros and cons.

Now, what we would like to know is what this card will probably be used for. What kind of epic builds will people use it for in the future and towards what kind of consumers is AMD targeting this graphics card? Well, seeing the card’s small size and 120 mm radiator, the card will probably be used for very small builds, most likely ITX builds. More and more ITX motherboards are being manufactured by companies such as ASUS. And more and more people are buying these, because they want a gaming pc that is both slim and has a lot of horsepower hidden inside of it, measuring at only 7.5 inches long, this is most certainly an option.

One of today’s standards for PC gaming has become full HD, which this card will most definely manage. But some people, who are often refered to as “the PC masterrace” want nothing else than 4K. Well, the Fury X is being advertised as an entry level 4K graphics card, so I will just assume it will live up to that standard. But it is not the first time we’ve seen a graphics card manufacturer lie about what their card is capable of (I’m not going to be pointing fingers). But the benchmarks aren’t lying, and the card is capable of handling 4K resolution.

Personally I think  many people will be buying it for its colour scheme. More and more people, including myself, are buying colour matching parts, simply because due to the vast amount of components available on today’s market, you can. Since a lot of people tend to go for the RB (red/black) colour scheme, this graphics card should do well.

With its 4 GB HBM (High Bandwith Memory) memory and a memory speed of 1 GB/s you'd think that is quite low for a card that costs this much.But what really does it, is its memory interface, which is quite substantial, 4096 bit to be exact. And that’s what makes this card so great for gaming.

Now, to leave you guys with a quick summary of what this card will be used for, it will be used for: • Small form factor badass gaming rigs
     • Mutliple monitors running on just one graphics card
     • High quality imagery because of its 4k capability
So this card, is most certainly ,one of the video card that will be used mostly in the future. But only if, we keep making our pc’s smaller and smaller.


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