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Announcement: Black Hole Mayhem | Black Hole Tec

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Announcement: Black Hole Mayhem

Submitted by Robbie Pyckhout on Wed, 08/13/2014 - 15:55
To celebrate the BlackHole Tec website’s first successful year, we’re giving our users something of a competition and a giveaway, so all users have a chance.
The competition will run from 18-27 August, with the winners announced on the 28th. Winners will then be contacted for their shipping details.
The competition
As you all know, our website is built around our own created CPU-Benchmark, the Black Hole Benchmark.
Next week, we’ll be launching a competition in four divided categories to give a chance to almost everyone to participate and compete in this event.
These categories will be divided by threads, having one for each: 4 threaded, 6 threaded, 8 threaded and 12 threaded machines. Machines with 2 or 3 threads may join the 4threads category. Machines with more than 12 threads are sad enough forbidden.
Participants will be able to join the competition by filling in a webform on the site very carefully, the graphs will be updated every day.
The four winners will be awarded with awesome prizes provided by our sponsors.
Prize value is based on how popular a category of benchmarking is. The winner from the least anticipated/popular group will as a consequence receive the least valuable prize, for example.
In any case, we also have prizes from sponsors dedicated to random drawings, so that anyone can join and have a chance at winning. This also enables some users the chance to win TWO prizes in our giveaway!
Be sure about which score to submit since you’ll be able to submit only one score for the competition to prevent people making their chances bigger to win a prize with the random drawings. We will be checking multiple information fields to catch duplicate entries, so don’t even try to cheat, because you might find yourself disqualified.
This could be your lucky day, so head on over to and register to become a member of our site to participate in the competition. Make sure to follow the rules and regulations, as strict measures will be taken against those who don’t abide by them.
!Important! These are the minimum requirements for entry:
    - an account on the site (against spambots)
    - We’re not responsible of any hardware damage caused by heat and overvoltage, run the benchmark and overclock at your own risk
    - Only one score submission per person
    - No thread/core disabling
    - Included in screenshot:
           > Version 1.70 from CPUz or newer
 > Wallpaper (which will be released on 18th of August)
 > Notepad with name, date and BlackHoleTec user-name
 > Black Hole Benchmark V4.2 Final with scores, found in ‘Benchmark’ Tab → Download
    - Windows XP or newer
We’d also like to warn you of certain common bugs in our latest release and give you some advice:
- 8Threaded CPUs sometimes score lower on the 4threaded test, they seem to try running the 4 tasks on 2 threads. 4-core i7s and FX 8-cores encounter this problem; running the test again should solve this problem
- An older OS than XP will result in inaccurate scores due to a bug, that’s why these operating systems are not allowed
- Program appears to freeze during benchmark - no problem, it’s still computing the tasks, and will become responsive again once completed **Do not interrupt the process or you will have to start over!**
- If you can’t get the program to run, try the fix on our support page
We won’t be revealing actual prizes until the event starts, but these are our current sponsors that have provided items for the winners:
    - Aerocool
    - AMD
    - Be Quiet!
    - BlackHoleTec
    - Noctua
    - Scythe
    - Split Website Design
With a total value of 695 Euro, you should take your chances and join the competition!
There's a little discussion room on the forum were people let know their thoughts, experiences and questions.
Enjoy and have a blast as each time you overclock and run the Black Hole Benchmark, you come one step closer to winning an attractive prize. See you on the forums!
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