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Apple planning to use own chips in Macs from 2020, moving away from intel | Black Hole Tec

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Apple planning to use own chips in Macs from 2020, moving away from intel

Submitted by Robbie Pyckhout on Sat, 04/07/2018 - 14:39

There's been a rumor over at Bloomberg about Apple willing to fabricate self-developed CPUs for their Mac computers. That'd mean that Apple will be moving away from Intel in terms of processors. Additionally they mentioned that it will not stop with processors as Apple wants the whole package to be working seamlessly together, so that also different devices like iPhones and iPads would be able to interact with Macs more naturally.

A new software platform called Marzipan (may be released this year already) will make it possible to run apps for iPhone/iPad on Macs.

In numbers, apple is accountable for 5% of intel's business. When the news of Apple planning to make their own chips was revealed, the shares of Intel dropped 9.2 percent. Intel declined to comment on the story as they said, "We don't comment on speculation about our customers". The partnership with intel helped Apple revive the Mac's success and linked the chipmaker with one of the leading brands in electronics.

Moving away from Intel is a defining moment for Apple as their chips are the only major processor components designed by others inside Apple's line-up. If you take a look at Apple's devices, all iPhones, iPads, Watches and TVs use processors designed by Apple based on technology from ARM Holdings Plc. If Apple is able to make their own chips to use inside Macs, they're not obligated to release new models depending on Intel's roadmap.

Shannon Cross (analyst at Cross Research) said, “We think that Apple is looking at ways to further integrate their hardware and software platforms, and they’ve clearly made some moves in this space, trying to integrate iOS and macOS,” [...] “It makes sense that they’re going in this direction. If you look at incremental R&D spend, it’s gone into ways to try to vertically integrate their components so they can add more functionality for competitive differentiation.”





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