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Cardboard and games, Nintendo Labo coming soon | Black Hole Tec

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Cardboard and games, Nintendo Labo coming soon

Submitted by Joly Joren on Sat, 02/03/2018 - 13:13

Nintendo Labo is based on the already existing Nintendo switch console. But now you can combine it with cardboard figures. To get a more learning and more discovering experience.

Everybody knows children have a lot of imagination. Nintendo sees this as a plus for their Switch console. They have announced carbon figures that can be combined with their switch console. Those are flat cardboard sheets. And you can punch out figures that you can transform in nice peripherals.

You can use your Joy-con controllers and Switch screen in the construction to make it interactive.

You could get the Variety Pack, this contains all the carboard templates. This includes a fishing rod, a motorbike handlebar, a house a piano and a remote-control car. Of course there is also a game card with 5 games for the 5 different constructions.

There is another pack you can get, called the Robot Kit. This has a cardboard backpack and visor.

So far the only prices known are the American prices are for the Varity Kit $69.99 and for the Robot kit $79.99 .

We already knew that Nintendo can be unpredictable. This is another great example. We can’t wait to see the impact on the market and if there will be a hype. If you are interested, the packs will go on sale around 27 April. It is obvious that if this becomes a hype, that there will be many more of these things, for many more games in the upcoming future.




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