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CHERRY's MC4000 for Professional Use | Black Hole Tec

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CHERRY's MC4000 for Professional Use

Submitted by Robbie Pyckhout on Sun, 08/21/2016 - 15:09

Inputdevices for computers is what CHERRY does best. On 18 August, the company announced a new cable mouse specifically optimized for professional use providing high-accuracy with a premium optical sensor from which the glide-area is represented on the whole bottom of the mice. The product features a total of six buttons, 2 colored lights and a symmetrical shape (compatible for left and right handed users.


Optical Sensor

CHERRY has chosen for a premium optical sensor which scans 1000 or 2000 dots per inch on the surface. The user can easily select the right optical scan resolution for a broad range of daily tasks. Selected DPIs will be presented by a color scheme to easily adjust the speed you like. CHERRY’s MC4000 features a fast movement detector of 1.5m/s or 60IPS.


360 degrees glide-area

A special feature of the new cable mouse is the big 360 degrees glide-area which covers almost the whole bottom of the product. The feature ensures a fluent and stable interaction between your handling and the movement of the cursor.


The CHERRY MC4000 will be available on the retail market this September for a price tag around 30 euro.


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