The Crew 2: what we know so far

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After 4 years, Ubisoft Ivory Tower will finally release the sequel for The Crew called The Crew 2. The Crew 2 comes out this year on June 29th and just like its predecessor, The Crew 2 is a racing game in an immersive online open world environment where you can roam free across the United States.

The plot

Just like the previous version of the game, you are a relatively unknown racer that is trying to follow a path to fame. Trying to do so, you compete in multiples disciplines to become successful. So this time you are not only going to race in cars, but also with planes, motorcycles and boats. Just like real life, every vehicle has their own control physics, meaning that every vehicle type will provide you with different gameplay.

There are also four different hub worlds, each with their own theme and playstyle. These themes include off-road, street racing, pro racing and freestyle.

The editions

Like every game, The Crew 2 has different editions that you can purchase. These editions are the following:

  • The Standard Edition: 59,99€ (59,99$)
  • The Deluxe Edition: 69,99€ (69,99$)
    • Three vehicles
      • FORD F-150 RAPTOR RACE TRUCK 2017
      • PILATUS PC-21
    • Three outfits to customize your avatar
  • The Gold Edition: 89,99€ (109,99$)
    • Steelbook
    • Season Pass
    • The Deluxe edition
    • 3 days earlier access upon release
  • The Motor Edition: 89,99€ (109,99$)
    • The Gold Edition
    • A 11.81” x 5.9” specialty license plate customized to reflect the spirit of The Crew 2.

motor edition Crew 2

And if you pre-order the game now, you get access to the Legendary Motors Pack which includes following vehicles:

  • MERCEDES-AMG C 63 Touring Car 2016

What to do now?

It is always nice to hear about a game coming out soon, but waiting for the release is always dreadful. But this is different for The Crew 2. You can already start your in-game collection of vehicles due the ‘The Crew Rewards Program’. By completing monthly challenges in The Crew 1, you can start unlocking up to 19 vehicles for The Crew 2, as well as exclusive water vehicles. Another way to already get involved with The Crew 2, is by signing up here at to have a chance to get beta access for the game.




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