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Deepcool Gamerstorm Assassin II Cpu Cooler For Overclockers | Black Hole Tec

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Deepcool Gamerstorm Assassin II Cpu Cooler For Overclockers

Submitted by Rene Hartog on Sat, 02/07/2015 - 17:26
Deepcool introduced a new gen Assassin cpu air cooler to the Gamerstorm productline. 
Deepcool used preserved key features from their first model to refine it on the Assassin II.
Main feature's are the assymmetric twin-tower heatsink design, large nickel-plated copper heatpipes, two aluminium fin stacks and two cooling fans. There is no option to mount another fan to the heatsink because one of the towers point to each other, so you just have to work with a one push fan and one conveyor fan. The 120 mm push fan running from 300 rpm up to 1,400 rpm and has 68.06 CFM of airflow. The middle fan is a 140 mm fan running from 300 rpm up to 1,200 rpm with an air flow of 70.08 CFM.  Both fans has a noise level from 17.8 dba to 27.0 dba.
The cooler weights 1,48 kg which is more than their first model. The extra weight can be found on the huge dimensions of the cooler, measuring 143 mm x 158 mm x 167 mm ( W x D x H ).
The Assassin II is compatible with use of multiple clips to support all modern sockets including LGA2011v3, LGA1150, AM3+ and FM2. How much TDP the cooler can handle for instant a cpu like the AMD FX-9590 has not been published by Deepcool yet, but we have a good quess it will be enough for most common cpu's. About the price tag for this new cpu cooler and availability are no words yet and hopefully be annouced soon.  
elease fan-GF140 for excellent performance-noise ratio.However, breakthrough
Source: Deepcool

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