End of League of Legends season

Submitted by Joly Joren on Tue, 11/07/2017 - 22:11

The 7th League of Legends, will end this night, but Riot Games is ready for a new spectacular preseason and the 8th season.

Still the most popular online game, is ready to kickoff the preseason for the 8th upcomming season.They will renew base stats of the champs and there will be some item changes. This is not the only thing changing, they will also let you level again, you can go to level 100 and every time you level you get a loot capsule, some streamers are really happy that everybody can make progress again.



IP becomes Blue Essence, Blue Essence was already introduced in the game for upgrading masteries of champs and for turning champ chards into champs (those champ chards are created from boxes you get by getting an S with a champ in a game). Runes you have bought with IP will be refunded in Blue Essence.

They have also created a new champ, so everybody can use their time to master this hard and complex mage. For people/streamers who have played Zoë know that she will not be easy handled.

Long story short, Riot Games is ready to make the 8th season a really good season full of changes and full of gameplay.

See you at the rift!





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