First Logitech PRO G keyboard announced

Submitted by Joly Joren on Wed, 03/08/2017 - 19:37

Logitech a well know company by gamers finally produced its first Logitech Pro G keyboard. This keyboard is a quality full gaming keyboard designed and used by top pro E-sport players.



Romer-G switches

The most innovative feature on this keyboard are the Romer-G-switches. These are designed for top performance, a great durability and the fastest responsiveness there is on the market. They did this by having a short-throw actuation point of 1.5 mm, that made the mechanical keys 25% faster. They also focused on the sound of the switches and claim that it is the stealth assassin of mechanical gaming keyboards. If it is as silent as they say, this might be a great revolution in mechanical keyboards.

They also looked at the whole picture. To improve the speed even more, they focused on the Keystroke Signal Processing AKA KSP and made the response 10ms faster, which is a lot for competitive gaming! This KSP is the sequence of presses that translates the switch action into a USB signal.

The durability has also been improved, the switches now have a dual-contact redundant design to virtually eliminate mechanical switch errors like double clicks.


Detachable USB cable

This feature is great! Everybody knows the struggle of a cable that has a bad contact. To prevent this damage from happening while transporting. They made the cable detachable. This just makes your keyboards life last way longer.

It is the same cable used for the G403 and the G900 mice. The cable has a triple fork model to make sure there is a simple and reliable data connection.


RGB lighting

Like every gaming keyboard there is a RGB (Red-Green-Blue) led system implemented. Everybody can personalise every gaming key with one of the 16.8 million available colours. There is an intern memory available so you can save your settings. But you won’t need to fiddle much with that because this keyboard comes with more than 300 different lighting profiles for all different games.


Customizable game mode.

Logitech added a game mode, which is customizable. This game mode is well known by company’s who make keyboards. For people who don’t know this mode, it disables keys that you normally don’t press during games, so you won’t go out of the game pressing your windows button or anything else.


Three-step angle adjustment

The stability of this keyboard is because of the rubber feet beneath it and they also added a plate of steel for strength. The accuracy of the mouse will increase and you will have the greatest game experience ever. You can adjust the angle from 0 to 4 to 8 degrees.



I can’t wait to have this keyboard! And I hope that one day I will get the chance to review this keyboard. Logitech is a great company for game peripherals and I love how they keep improving themselves. Everything they make works great, has a well thought design, not just for the eye but also for the ergonomics of the equipment. And this keyboard is the perfect example to show for what standards, quality and inovation Logitech stands for.


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