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GIVEAWAY MAY 2017: Trust GXT177 Gaming Mouse | Black Hole Tec

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GIVEAWAY MAY 2017: Trust GXT177 Gaming Mouse

Submitted by Robbie Pyckhout on Tue, 05/02/2017 - 09:41


To give some gratitude to our readers, we're going to give away some products over the year, starting this month. Thanks to our sponsor, we're giving away a Trust GXT177 Gaming mouse for free! It's a Ambidextrous Pro-gaming mouse with extremely precise laser sensor; some key features listed below:

  • 14.400 DPI laser sensor
  • 8 Programmable buttons
  • Ambidextrous form factor; for left and right-handed use
  • On-board memory
  • Customizable RGB lighting

With a price-tag of around 60 euro, you're looking at a great performer with a stylish design which suits left as well as right handed gamers.

In order to participate in this random drawing there are a few conditions:

  • You've to be located in the Europe
  • You need to like both facebook pages (Trust Gaming & BlackHoleTec)**
  • Share the related facebook post in public on your facebook profile


That's all you've to do for now. If you're the lucky winner at the end of the week, we'll send a pm on facebook for shipping details.

Good Luck!



*Fake facebook accounts will not be tolerated!


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