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The GTX 950 - what can we expect? | Black Hole Tec

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The GTX 950 - what can we expect?

Submitted by Brecht Theys on Mon, 08/10/2015 - 18:20

With pc gaming getting more popular by the day and more teenagers buying gaming pc’s, the search for budget GPU’s enlarges as well. Most teenagers between the age of 13 and 19 don’t have that much money stored in their piggy banks, and even with all those jobs during the weekends, saving up enough to buy a 980Ti will take a long time. That’s why Nvidia designed their new, about to be released, GPU; the GTX 950. The GTX 950 was designed for people working on a budget, that would still like to play low-end games, such as the well known “League Of Legends” and “Dota”, or perhaps even CS;GO.

Since this is a low budget graphics cards, we’re not expecting too much of it. It’s never going to be better than the GTX 970 at all, one of Nvidia’s other more affordable graphics cards. Since the GTX 970 is so well known for it’s amazing bank for the buck performance, we will compare the 950 to it.

So far, not that much has been released about the graphics card’s price. All we know is that it will be sold for under $150 (USD). With a price this low, it will be affordable for even the cheapest gamer among us. There are many other budget graphics cards on the market. We’ve even seen graphics cards being sold for $80 or lower. But to be quite frank, those are crap and are not worth buying. The Graphics card sweet spot is somewhere around 200 to 350 dollars. And the GTX 950 falls out of this category.

But does that automatically mean this graphics cards is going to be a piece of junk? No, it doesn’t. Would you want to get this graphics card to play “The Witcher 3” or “Grand theft Auto 5” (other franchises are available)? Absolutely not. What this card is good for though, is low end games, such as “Heroes of Newerth”, League and perhaps even Diablo 3, if you’re into that. And who know, maybe even battlefield on medium settings. But what we’d personally use this card for is something completely else.

If you haven’t heard of Steam game streaming, then I highly suggest you google it asap. Because it is simply amazing. Say you have a massive 50 inch curved television in your living room, and you really want to play that new game you got on Steam on a larger monitor. The easy solution would just be moving the television to your room so that it can be used as a monitor. But no! Gaben has got your back on this. All you need to do is run the game on your massively overpowered gaming pc, and you can stream it directly to another pc, in your living room, attached to your television. But there’s one problem. The way the streaming works is, all the calculations are being done at your gaming rig, but you cannot get more frames per second than your shittiest GPU of the two can manage (or more, if you’re running SLI/crossfire). So that’s why you need a graphics card, that can easily handle 1080p gaming and can hold a steady 30 fps. And that’s just what the GTX 950 is made for.

Of course, these are all speculations. Since we do not have a GTX 950 yet. We can’t really test it for ourselves. But once we get one, we’ll certainly do so, so you don’t have to.

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