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Hawaii XTX GPU non existent - Continued | Black Hole Tec

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Hawaii XTX GPU non existent - Continued

Submitted by Robbie Pyckhout on Mon, 06/30/2014 - 19:48

We have been discussing the existence of this faster Hawaii card in your previous article, but it seems like there were still some doubts about the non-existence of this card. Something very notable is the removal of the articles on videocardz, first article speculating such a card and also the other article where they confirm the existence of it. To summarize my previous article, I'll show you some important quotes:

"AMD's R9 290X is possibly not the 'full fat' Hawaii card." This revelation found on 8Pack some time ago is wrong according to our sources. Many tech websites have been writing articles ever since. But now it appears that also the first indication to start this rumor has been removed.
I don’t know why this rumor persists, but there is absolutely no such product. For a modest sum, anyone could xray the die of a 290X and determine this for themselves.
- our source said.
The recent W9100 workstation GPU is a 44 CU part. If a 48 CU part did indeed exist, a recent workstation product would be an ideal candidate to launch such an ASIC, which could then trickle down into future Radeon products. [...] As the W9100 does not feature a 48CU ASIC, however, it is unlikely that such an ASIC exists at all.
Well, all of you agree that there's definitly no such thing with 48 CUs, but there are some people with thoughts about an Hawaii XTX or any other faster Hawaii card than the R9 290X that would feature higher clockspeeds, tweaks, modifications or even something else special. My source however, gave another very clear answer on this one.

Time and time again I have seen people fabricate the existence of a Hawaii XTX to the extent that many, even within the GPU industry, believe it to be fact. Here’s the irrefutable truth: there is no Hawaii XTX. Not with 48 CUs, nor with higher clocks than Hawaii XT. Let me be very plain: Hawaii XTX does not exist in any way, shape or form. I am 100% certain of this, and no amount of counterfeit PowerPoint slides or Photoshopped die x-rays will ever make it true.

Until now, AMD hasn't denied or confirmed anything, after a little talk with Usman Pirzada from Wccftech, we concluded that this might have been the reason why they don't want to comment, or certainly not as a named source. Usman already explained our thoughts in his recent article which can be found here. This is directly quoted from Wccftech:

[..] you may have noticed that AMD has been suspiciously quiet about all this, why haven’t they denied the existence of the core outright? Well I think I know a very very plausible reason for that. See, AMD is currently in its quiet period. Which means that a publicly listed company (AMD:NYSE in this case) cannot make any announcements about anything that could cause a normal investor to change their position on the company’s stock. This is mandated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission and denial or discussion of the Hawaii XTX Core/GPU most definitely falls into this one.

Rewriting my conclusion about this rumour. We don't have any proof of the existence of this card, while there are enough reasons of the non-existence of it. Our very reliable source (I can assure you that) denies the existence of anything close to the idea of a stronger Hawaii card than the R9 290X completely. There's only a little chance that one of the resellers like ASUS, MSI, ... is working on a R9 290X with some tweaks, modifications or anything else, but it certainly won't be issued by AMD who is currently focussing on the next generation graphics cards.

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