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IFA - Panasonic Press Conference | Black Hole Tec

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IFA - Panasonic Press Conference

Submitted by Robbie Pyckhout on Wed, 09/03/2014 - 22:55

Panasonic began their press conference mentioning that the company has been on a recovery road for some years. They admit that the company had some problems with the sales some time ago, but swear that since then, they increased their sales by 28 %. They also decided to change into a more social company to provide their users the best life experience and help in daily processes.

Over the years, they have been busy with some projects like management of energy which consists for example of a smart city in Japan with all technology products Panasonic has been working on enabled. These technology inventings have the goal to make life much eaier, let me explain a little bit:

The lovely smart city town in Japan, named the town of Panasonic, has been upgraded with all kinds of Panasonic's technology. There're several areas in which Panasonic wants to improve the living quality of the citizens, the town, the personal home, consumer electronics and mobility. All of them are characterised by 3 large points: Connectivity, energy and security/savings on which Panasonic wants to focus. General important improvements in energy usage in the town area will be used, like high storage batteries and high capacity loaders. These could be a solution for all lost energy which then could be stored for further use in the future.

The second area is the home of the citizens. Once again, Panasonic was able to provide all three characteristics in their applied technologies. For example: you can check if your door is locked when you're already on the move to your work and lock it from a distance. You can also decide to disable all energy applications in your house from the same distance. Whilst in your home, you can adjust temperature, security and a lot more.

For the mobility area, Panasonic has been been working oa system to prevent accidents with traffic you're not aware of. The system makes cars aware of visually  hidden persons, vehicles and other objects, allowing to prevent accidents.

Consumer electronics should be clear since that's the real section Panasonic has been focussing on from the beginning. More about this later this article.

Another introduced technology is called 'Premium lifestyle'' including technological innovations, distinctive kitchen and living spaces and an aspirational design. With the slogan: 'A better life, a better world'. Some slides to explain:


After all these new technologies, it's time to introduce to you the new Panasonic 4K X1000 digital recorded, the 4K AX 900 4K HDTV and Viera 4K TV. With these products (4K recording and 4K watching)  in the market, Panasonic provides a complete package for pro-sumers and con-sumers. Many details have not been showed during the press conference, we only have some pictures to show you from the presentation... Anyway, we'll add some pictures from the products in their booth tomorrow as well:

The AX900 is able to play Netflix content and the connection ot Amazon streaming content is being worked on and is expected soon.

Last but not least, we got project 'Technics' which has been inactive for years. Panasonic re-activates this department to bring High definition to the users through network connections. The slogan connected to this project is 'to rediscover music' since real quality of the music has been reduced by compressed files like mp3. With further improvements to transfer speeds and bandwidth to most internet connections, uncompressed audio files can be streamed at a high enough speed these days, what makes it again more attractive to develop products that make full use of it and provide superior audio quality. They introduced several products making use of this technology:

A more deeply describing article can be expected when these technologies finally hit the road.

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