Ikea enters the speaker market with “snygg” design

Submitted by Bram Hermans on Mon, 04/16/2018 - 20:04

Looking for a new wireless smart speaker at home? You might consider looking further than the speakers lying around in the neighbourhood's electro shop. After its delicious Swedish meatballs and its budget minimalistic DIY furniture, there is a new reason to pay a visit to the household store chain Ikea. Like you needed any...


Ikea has been a big player on the international furniture market for a long time. Now it shows ambition in the world of smart home technology with its “Ikea Home Smart Initiative”. Integrating built-in wireless QI-chargers in its furniture was the first step back in 2015, followed by the release of the smart lightning products in the Trådfri-line. The company has now decided to focus on the audio sector with the launch of Eneby. The Eneby is Ikea’s first, but not its last attempt in the speaker business, since last December the news came out that an Ikea-Sonos partnership is to be expected in 2019.


The Eneby is a square smart Bluetooth speaker that comes in two sizes: a smaller model 20 by 20 cm and a larger one 30 by 30 cm, both available in a black or white edition. The price tags are respectively $49 and $89. The mesh fabric on the front is removable for admirers of a clean minimalist look where parts of the speaker are exposed. The small Eneby comes with a practical carrying handle making it more portable than the other one. You can use the knob on the speaker to turn it on/off, and to intuitively adjust the bass, treble or volume. Optionally it’s possible to buy a battery pack for an additional $20 which promises up to 10 hours of audio time. The best word to describe the speaker's design would probably be "snygg", the Swedish word for "handsome, neat", which is certainly the case considering its reasonable price.


Good news for the clumsy people under us who are afraid of needing to do the montage of the speakers themselves. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an electronics engineer to be able to buy the Eneby. In contrast to most of the products of the Swedish furniture shop, there is luckily no assembly necessary (except for attaching the handle to the smaller model which we think most people will be able to handle).



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