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Kingston Appoints Brightstar as Its National Distributor for Flash Business in India | Black Hole Tec

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Kingston Appoints Brightstar as Its National Distributor for Flash Business in India

Submitted by Jason Singh on Fri, 06/23/2017 - 12:10

Kingston Technology, the independent world leader in memory products, today, announced the appointment of Brightstar Telecommunications India Limited (A 100% subsidiary of Soft Bank), as a National distributor for itsFlash business in India. With a common vision for growth and cumulative strengths of this new partnership, Kingston willfocus on reinforcing its current footprint in India andexpanding into new market segments.

Brightstar is a leading distribution company with more than5000 channel partners in India and an experience of over 30 years. Brightstar’s vision for growth is in sync with Kingston and the partnership will benefit both parties to service more customers with the best quality experience. Brightstar resonates the same philosophy as Kingston and their expertise in mobile market and products is a healthy addition to Kingston’s overall value chain and support services.

Commenting on this appointment, Kingston said, “We turn 30 in the industry this year and the success has been in our strong partnerships. We are happy to appoint Brightstar as one of our National Distributors for flash business. Their robust channel support mechanism will add immense value to our supply chain. We will now be able to extend the combined benefits to a much larger customer base.” Kingston also added, “We have a history of high quality and durable flash products and with this partnership, we look forward to extend the same support to a larger part of the country.”

Mr. Dev Parikh, CEO, Brightstar added, “We envisage tremendous growth in the external storage devices market in India. 3G and 4G network providers are competing for space in mobile content downloads, which in turn will fuel demand for affordable and high performance memory solution. On the other hand, users of data seek easy, multi-functional, secure flash drives which can be carried around in plug & play formats. Hence, we at Brightstar believe this is the right time to partner with Kingston and be an important part of their market and business expansion in India.”


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