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League of Legends: Top 3 junglers for carrying in patch 8.8 | Black Hole Tec

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League of Legends: Top 3 junglers for carrying in patch 8.8

Submitted by Jordy Dieltjens on Sun, 04/22/2018 - 22:45


League of Legends is currently one of the most competitive games around the globe. Everybody is competing to become the best of the best. So today I want to help you improve your games by telling you the strongest picks in the jungle in patch 8.8.


Rank 3: Nunu, snowball to win

Nunu is one of the best support junglers in the game right now. Your Q ( Consume ) acts like an extra smite which makes it possible to do dragons once you are level 3.  Try to time your Q with your smite and nobody will ever be able to out smite you (unless there is a Cho ‘Gath jungle).

Your job is getting through the early game and be ready to help you carries carry. You should primary focus your bot lane although an Azir mid is also very good with a Nunu. Get them ahead and get a Knights Vow to enhance their damage and give you some extra healing. If they are behind, a Locket of the Iron Solari is a good alternative. Always make sure your W (Blood Boil) is on your carries, best will always be your ADC but an Azir is also worth blood boiling.  Try to use your ultimate for peel and not for engage, your job is to protect the carries.

This champion is in really strong state right now but only deserves the third spot in our ranking because it heavily relies on your team.


Rank 2: Master Yi, never await victory

With the new conqueror keystone and the reworked Guinsoo’s rageblade Master Yi quickly climbed to one of the best junglers in League of Legends. Although his early ganks are weak, his late game is crazy strong. Once he finished the rageblade almost nobody can duel him anymore. And even in the early game, he is a very good duelist.

Your job is to get level 6 as quick as possible. You could a level 3 gank if the opportunity rises, but don’t try to force it. Another possibility is to cheese the enemy jungler level 2. This is for when you are on the blue side. Finish your red and walk to enemy their wolves. Most of the times you get flash of the enemy jungler and even a kill if you timed you alpha strike right. This is especially useful against strong level 3 junglers like Elise.

The only thing you should be scared of as a Master Yi is stuns and fears. Do not pick Master Yi when they have a lot of CC ( Crowd Control ) and be careful for the click CC abilities like lulu and fiddlesticks.


Rank 1: Warwick, the scent of victory

Warwick has been dominating the jungle since the start of season 8. His early game is strong, when he is level 3 he can duel anyone. His kit has a lot of CC with his E ability ( Primal Howl ) and his ultimate. What I like to do after I finished my second buff, is to invade the enemy jungler. Because your first clear is fast, it is possible that they are still doing their red buff so that you can attempt to steal it.

A lot of people max Q ( Jaws of the Beast ) but I really suggest trying to max W ( Blood Hunt ) instead. This will provide you with extra attack speed to clear your jungler faster. This combined with a Tiamat makes you farm like a monster. Another thing I like to do when I am far ahead, is getting a Iceborn Gauntlet after my Titanic Hydra. Although the mana part is useless for Warwick the extra damage and the slow helps you to destroy their carries.

Your job is to be as annoying to enemy jungler as possible. You want invade constantly and counter jungle. With your fast clears you will always be able to be a higher level than the enemy jungler. Ganking is not your priority. Your priority is making the enemy jungler weak so he can’t gank anymore.


Honorable mention: Vi is now Vi-able

The recent changes to Vi really helped her in the jungle. Her early clear is a lot healthier thanks to her passive buff and cooldown reduction to her Q ( Vault Breaker ). The mana reduction on her E ( Excessive Force ) also helps to resolve mana issues you can have if you spam her abilities in the jungle. Thanks to that your clear speed got improved.

Your job is to always gank when your ultimate is up. Everytime when your ultimate is ready, you should gank a lane in 10 seconds. Your level 3 gank is also really strong. Try to walk around and get behind your enemy. Don’t use your Q yet but just an auto attack to apply the red buff slow. And when he flashes you use your Q.

In team fights you have to decide what to do. Is your ADC strong ? Do we need to engage? Can somebody else of my team engage? These are all questions you should ask yourself. Whilst Vi has a great engage, she is also very squishy. So sometimes it might be better to just peel for your backline. Certainly when you are playing against a Master Yi, Katarina or a Zed, you should stick to the backline so you can cockblock them.

If I am ahead as Vi I like to buy Youmuu's Ghostblade so I can snowball harder. I buy it right after my jungle item and before my Trinity Force. This helps me to close out games and one shot their carries. Keep in mind that this makes you really squishy.


About the Author

Gaming has always been a passion since I was a child. Varying between exploring enormous worlds, building your own empire or competing in shooters to become the best of the best. I love it all, and I love sharing this feeling with others. That is why I am grateful for being a part of this team. Being able to share my thoughts and enthusiasm of my passion is an amazing gift. My goal is to provide enjoyable reviews and articles that help you create a better understanding of the game. My current gaming laptop is HP omen X with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 GPU which I will use to review the games.
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