Mozilla Quantum update

Submitted by Joly Joren on Tue, 11/14/2017 - 21:36

Mozilla firefox has released version 57. This update uses the Quantum-engine instead of the Gecko-engine. This will make firefox way faster and it will use 30% less memory.

Mozilla firefox has update for the channel users. This is version 57 and there are some remarkable patchnotes. They claim to have a completely new browsing engine, that is designed to take full advantage of the processing power in modern devices. This will make firefox as fast as chrome or even faster.

They did various security fixes.You can read release notes over here.

They redesinged the interface for a clean, modern appearance,consistent visual elements and optimizations for touch screens. There will be a unified adress and search bar, but with a tool you can download them seperatly. If you still had a Firefox installation, the search bar will still be there after installing the update. For the developers they redesinged there light and dark Devtools themes, so it matches the new firefox Quantum style.

To finish this they adapted the logo to show to the world that they have optimised there browser.


You can download the new firefox here.





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