New AMD CPU line to take on Skylake X

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In the middle of this year, AMD is planning the release of a new enthousiast grade CPU line to take on intel's skylake X line-up. Rumours have been spread about "Whitehaven" CPUs featuring up to 16 cores and 32cores with support for quad-channel DDR4 memory. A first sample of the new enthousiast Ryzen line has been spotted a few weeks back and this week, two other chips made its way to the surface. VCZ gor there hands on some information about new Ryzen engineering samples. This was the Ryzen sample seen some weeks ago in the SiSoftSandra Datbase:


The Info we gathered until now include these three chips:
CPU ID Boost Clock Base Clock Cores Threads Platform
2D3101A8UGAF4_36/31_N 3600 3100 16 32 AMD Whitehaven
1D3101A8UGAF3_36/31_N 3600 3100 16 32 AMD Whitehaven
2D2701A9UC9F4_32/27_N 3200 2700 12 24 Alienware R3


Whitehaven will feature a new S3 platform which will include quad-channel DDR4 memory support, more PCIe lanes and more storage options compared to AM4. The platform can be compared with Intel's new X299 platform featuring Skylake X CPUs with a core count up to 12 cores. With some luck, AMD might have a chance of removing Intel from the ultimate performance throne for the first time in 14 years.

AMD's new CPU platform will be showcased at Computex later this month and according to some sources, the S3 platform will launch together with AMD's 32 core Naples in the middle of the year.

AMD’s new enthusiast desktop CPU platform will reportedly be showcased at Computex (May 30th – June 2nd). According to sources in the upstream supply chain, the S3 platform will launch alongside AMD’s 32 core Naples processors in the middle of the year.

(Enthusiast Ryzen)
Summit Ridge
Cores Up to 16 Up to 8
Threads Up to 32 Up to 16
Base Clock 3.1GHz 3.6GHz
Boost Clock 3.6GHz 4.0GHz
L3 Cache 64MB 16MB
DDR4 Channels Quad Dual
Socket S3 (LGA) AM4 (PGA)
Launch Mid 2017 Q1 2017









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