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NVIDIA 980 TI -- Comparison Against Upcoming Fury X | Black Hole Tec

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NVIDIA 980 TI -- Comparison Against Upcoming Fury X

Submitted by Syed Immad Ali on Mon, 06/15/2015 - 23:26

NVIDIA launched the 980 TI early June, of 2015. However, we got much more than we had expected. We also get to see AMD's new Fury X GPU, the 1st gpu with HBM.  Let start off with what is the 980 TI and where it sits in todays market. 

The 980 TI is the newly launched GPU by NVIDIA aimed at gamers who wish to play at higher resolutions like 1440p and 4k. NVIDIA packs in a GM200 core, the same core used in the Titan X, with some lesser features. The memory amount has been shaved down from an overkill 12 gigabytes of GDDR5 memory to a much more reasonable 6 gigabytes. The memory bit interface has remained the same, the same 384 bit bus. In addition to those cut-downs, the 980 TI has 22 SM clusters where as the Titan X has 24, texture units from 192 to 176, the amount of CUDA cores on the 980 ti have also been shaved down, however, the number of ROPs on both cards are the same. Basically, we are looking at about a 5% cutdown in performance from the Titan X. Very respectable, considering the price of the 980 ti is only 650$. 350$ cheaper than a Titan X. 


So, where does it stand in the market, since it eliminated the custom 980s like the Classified, k|ngP|n, Matrix Platnium, etc. Currently, the 980 ti sits nicely between the Titan X, and the 980. However, the 980 has become somewhat obsolete since you can pay 150$ more and get Titan X like performance. However, NVIDIA may have made the price very aggressive in anticipation of AMD's newest flagship GPU, Fury X. The 980 TI is expected to be the Fury X counterpart. The new AMD GPUs are coming out tomorrow, June 16, 2015, at E3, skipping over Computex. What will we get with the Fury X? How will it perform? What will be the price that tames the Fury X? These questions will be answered at the official launch, but we do know somethings. 


We know that the Fury branding of cards will have an industry first, high bandwitdth memory. We also know there is 4 gigabytes of HBM on their flagships. The price will probably be prices near the 980 ti and the Titan X. Most likely an 750$ price tag. Performance, however, is one thing that still remains unasnwered. Some reports have claimed that the Fury X is neck and neck with the 980 Ti, some say they are slightly before a 980 ti, and some say it is a Titan killer. We can only waitand see what is really brought to the table.

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