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Radeon FreeSync for Xbox One S and Xbox One X | Black Hole Tec

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Radeon FreeSync for Xbox One S and Xbox One X

Submitted by Robbie Pyckhout on Tue, 03/13/2018 - 11:46


The release of technologies like FreeSync and GSync made it possible to play games fluently, even on lower framerates. Until now, most adaptations were meant for PC gaming, leaving console gamers with screen tearing to fend for themselves. Mismatched refresh rates and high latency can ruin gameplay experience, it doesn't matter whether you're playing an FPS or your favourite RPG.

Today we received pleasant news that AMD and Microsoft announced support for Radeon Freesync in the Xbox One S & X to free console gamers of choppy gameplay.

It has been three years since AMD introduced its FreeSync technology which has proven itself to bring throughout stutter-free gaming.
Quote from eBlast press release:
  • No more choppy gameplay: FreeSync technology’s synchronizes the refresh rate of a display to the framerate of compatible Radeon graphics cards to eliminate visual artifacts, like screen tearing, input lag and stuttering.
  • Open ecosystem, more options: With more than twice as many FreeSync displays available than the often-costlier competing technology, the industry has endorsed open standards with more than 240 FreeSync compatible displays on the market from 20+ partners. 
  • Low-latency HDR Gaming: Announced last year, FreeSync 2 brings low-latency, high-brightness pixels, excellent black levels, and a wide color gamut to display High Dynamic Range (HDR) content for plug-and-play HDR gaming combined with the stutter-free experience gamers have come to expect from FreeSync.

Players can use the console's menu to enable FreeSync with an HDMI connected FreeSync verified display. Freesync support will be added with the Spring update, click here for more information.


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