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RED working on smartphone with holographic screen | Black Hole Tec

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RED working on smartphone with holographic screen

Submitted by Robbie Pyckhout on Sun, 07/09/2017 - 16:55

RED is a company that's known for incredibly powerful camera's, mostly used by the film industry. We received news that the company is taking a surprising turn in product development as they're planning to launch a high-end smartphone with holographic screen. The smartphone will be named the 'Hydrogen One' and will be available at a pricepoint of 1,049 Euros. For a version in titanium (the other one features an aluminium exterior), you'll have to lay down around 1500 Euro.

The smartphone's screen will be 5.7 inch big and feature nanotechnology to switch between traditonal 2D content, holographic content, 3D content and interactive games. Both virtual and augmented reality will be supported as well. "Experience 'look around depth' in the palm of your hand," and "no glasses or headsets in sight." promise unseen interaction with your phone.

Offering a modular system, you're able to upgrade the phone in the long run. These modules have a primary focus on enhanced photography including special lenses to create videos. These modules will launch after introduction. Other features are a C-USB port, input for microSD and output for headphones. Much info about the insides like the processor or memory are not announced yet.

Together with Google and Apple, RED will bring AR and VR on smartphones to the mass in 2018.




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