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Review: Creative Outlier Sports In-Ears | Black Hole Tec

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Review: Creative Outlier Sports In-Ears

Submitted by Jonah Bellemans on Thu, 05/18/2017 - 14:54

In the box

The in-ears come in a sturdy packaging containing the headset itself, a waterproof hard case to carry them around, a usb charging cable, 3 different types of removable earbuds to fit every shape and size of ear, a cable clip to attach the in-ears to your shirt and a user manual.


Creative launched the Outlier Sports in three different colours: green, blue and orange. The design is simple yet effective, and makes the in-ears fit snugly inside the auricle. Controlling the headset is done with a three-button switch on the right side of the cable, and happens rather intuitively: long press middle button to turn on/off, the +/- buttons change the volume on short presses and skip ahead or backwards in the playlist on long presses. Picking up or hanging up a phone call can easily be done by double tapping the middle button. All in all, their design are certainly a big plus of the Outlier Sports.


The Creative Outlier Sports are worn in-ear, around the neck with a 0.5m nylon braided and waterproof-coated cable. The speakers are made of high quality neodymium magnets and have a frequency response of  20Hz ~ 20 kHz. The microphone has a frequency response of 100Hz ~ 10kHz and a sensitivity of -42 dBV/Pa. The headphones use Bluetooth to communicate to your music player or phone. In terms of compatibility, the in-ears worked perfectly fine with my Oneplus 3 running Android 7.1 Nougat, and were also compatible (admittedly, after some fiddling with the BT settings) with my Laptop running Arch Linux. The conclusion being that if your device supports A2DP Bluetooth connections, these in-ears will suit you just fine. The battery lasts up to 11 hours and is charged in a mere 2 hours when plugged into the USB port on your computer (or a USB charging adapter).


Because they are fitness headphones, the major perk of the in-ears are their shape, that doesn't mean their sound quality isn't important though, and Creative clearly understood this well. The speakers have a pleasant sound, whether you are listening to very deep bass or more high pitched music. Because of their connection to sports, the in-ears have a small favour for bass-heavy sounds, as this keeps you going during an intensive workout. For the sound testing of the headphones, I specifically chose two entirely different tracks to see how the speakers would hold up, and I have to say, I'm quite impressed. For bass, I used the bass drop in 'Cupidz - Sheet' (around 4:15) and for treble, I tested with the song 'Porcelain', by Skott. The bass of the speaker is not something that'll blow your house out of its foundations, but it could certainly blast out your eardrums if that's what you were going for. The high pitched sounds were comfortable to listen to and didn't make the typical 'metallic' sound you sometimes get with lower-quality speakers. In terms of volume, the headphones are capable of anything you might wish for, from very silent to deafeningly loud.

Personal opinion

As someone who bikes to campus every day for a total of around 1h of cycling and frequents the gym, these in-ears definitely changed my perception of sports. I never used to wear headphones during workouts, but now I can't imagine not having them with me at all times. While there are certainly headphones with superior audio quality, these in-ears deliver an above average sound experience, and what makes them truly special is their shape: I haven't had them fall out of my ears a single time after two weeks of intensive usage. They rest comfortably in the ear without getting annoying after a while and they didn't fail me during any of my bike rides, whether it was raining (a frequent occurence in Belgium) or sunny. The in-ears maintained a stable connection with my phone at almost all times, only have a small stutter once in a while, but nothing out of the ordinary. I would say for a wireless headset, the latency is quite good, with stuttering or connection issues kept to an almost negligible minimum.


If you are a sports fan who likes to work out with some great music in the background, the Creative Outlier Sports are definitely a very good option for you. The in-ears can be yours for around 81.94 EUR. For their great form factor and sound quality, as well as their long battery life, they score a 9 out of 10, granting them a BlackHoleTec Gold Award.

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