ROCCAT’s new Khan AIMO RGB gaming headset

Submitted by Joly Joren on Mon, 02/12/2018 - 12:17

ROCCAT just released a new headset. They point out that their new headset is based and build upon the strengths of the critically acclaimed Khan Pro.

The sound is produced by two 50mm drivers capable of he Hi-Res audio. It has a microphone that covers the full vocal spectrum and an integrated sound card that supports 24-bit, 96KHz, the drivers provide a virtual 7.1 surround sound. This is better than the soundcard most motherboards provide. Overall this means that you will have a great sound performance, for gaming, watching series or just listening to music.

The headset is compatible with fully Swarm. This is the ROCCAT driver system. As a user you can adapt the RGB lighting, adapt the sound experience, choose between different equalizer modes and do lots of other stuff. It is easy to use and ultimately adaptable.

The materials used for this headset are made of high quality. To make sure you can use this headset for a real long period. It has memory foam ear cups for great comfortability.

Long story short, these headsets should have a crystal clear sound, is easy to tune to your preferences and last for a really long time. We sincerely hope we will get the opportunity to test them.





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