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Samsung and HTC devices cheating in benchmarks - Got banned from Futuremark | Black Hole Tec

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Samsung and HTC devices cheating in benchmarks - Got banned from Futuremark

Submitted by Robbie Pyckhout on Wed, 11/27/2013 - 19:35

Most of us already heard things of this kind of cheating in July/August. At the mobile market, companies try to impress through benchmarks and they found out how they easily could beat the competition. The plan is pretty simple, once the benchmark gets started, so all processes begin to run and the cpu/gpu heats up, they let their hardware perform up to 20% over their normal limits. Android apps is the easiest way to do this. 

The two brands at the top of this cheating method are Samsung and HTC, that's why Futuremark has banned them. How does it work exactly? When a known benchmark is detected, a managed hidden code overclocks GPU and CPU and removes any throttling functions so it keeps running at the speed while the hardware gets pretty warm. This resulting in a score almost 20% higher then normal. It's just not possible to run the phone in the same condition all day/night long, overheating and stability issues are the problem. So that's why it's an unaccurate score. It's not because you buy a Samsung, you get more power then on another phone with the same hardware and clockspeeds. So it's just not possible. The reaction of the futuremark's president:

“People rely on Futuremark benchmarks to produce accurate and unbiased results. That’s why we have clear rules for hardware manufacturers and software developers that specify how a platform can interact with our benchmark software,” Futuremark President Oliver Baltuch said in a statement. “In simple terms, a device must run our benchmarks without modification as if they were any other application.”


Samsung HTC Banned Futuremark

Source: vr-zone

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