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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - release date announced | Black Hole Tec

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - release date announced

Submitted by Brecht Theys on Sun, 08/16/2015 - 01:32

Good news everyone, this is probably how professor Farnsworth would announce this. Samsung, which we of course all know very well, has finally announced the official release date of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The official release date being the 21th of August in the United States of America. But wait… why did you only mention the USA? You might be asking yourself. Here’s he bad news, it’s not going to be released in Europe at all. This makes me very sad as a European citizen myself. But let’s not drown ourselves in self pity right now and let’s all look at from the bright side for a second.

Now that we’re all looking at the more joyful side of life again, we can start talking business. The phone is not going to be for the cheapskates among us. With a price of $740 for the 32 GB edition and an even higher price of $840 for the 64 GB edition it is one of the most expensive phones on the market. The only phone I can think of straight away that actually costs more is the Turing phone, by Turing Robotics industries.  But is the oversized phablet worth the money? That is a question we’re going to answer just by listing the specifications real quick.

A quick look at the specs shows how different it is from the S6. Samsung decided to add a whopping 1 GB of memory to the phone as did they get rid of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801. These small adaptations will make this phone even more capable of multitasking. And since this phone is designed to be used as a portable workstation and a smartphone, this is definitely going to prove itself to be a huge improvement for us consumers. And as an extra, they’a

So the conclusion, is this phone going to be something worth talking about? Yes! And so are most other Samsung products. Samsung once again did an amazing job listening to us consumers and thereby bringing us what we want. So if you have a large budget and you’re looking for a phone that can also be used a tablet pc. Then you should probably pre order it right away. And maybe, one day, they will be released in Europe, for us non-American peasants to be bought and used as well.

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