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Samsung Galaxy S IV review - Page 2 | Black Hole Tec

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Samsung Galaxy S IV review - Page 2

Submitted by Robbie Pyckhout on Wed, 03/12/2014 - 20:19

Design and Screen

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is almost entirely built out of plastic and that causes a sweaty touch when you hold it in your hands for too long. Some may find that this may look rubbish, that it is weak, low quality, ... But I've been walking with this phone for a couple of days and it doesn't feel that weak at all, this plastic seems to be very protective and the positive thing is that it doesn't add much in weight. So if it falls on the ground, the effect will be smaller. However, an aluminium case is still much harder and stronger, it can take some bigger hits than plastic is able to fend. About the cheaper look, that's true... And I've to say that a black version could hide this element. Anyway, except this little let down, the S4 has a really stylish design. This design is getting old though, the S3 wasn't much different neither. We didn't detect any scrachtes after using it for some days, but hey, we don't do anything dangerous with it.

It’s all well and good having such a big screen, but does the quality pass the test of usability and beauty? Rest assured, the Samsung S4 has an excellent screen; Full HD, vibrant, detailed, and rich, making it quite enjoyable for playing games and watching videos.

We can say a little about the sound quality from the built-in speakers, they're not very loud, but the sound quality is certainly reasonable.



I'll update with more photo's and especially better photo's later on. This has been shot with the Acer Liquid S2 ina room with a medium amount light.


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Keeping up with new inventions and technological improvements is kinda my thing. Writing about technology is just a result of my fascination with it. I hope to provide readers with as much news as possible, everyday.
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