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Tango PC Doubles Funding Goal, On Track for April Release | Black Hole Tec

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Tango PC Doubles Funding Goal, On Track for April Release

Submitted by Tim Hage on Tue, 01/28/2014 - 04:49

Despite it still being a small fish in large waters, Tango PC's Indiegogo campaign has garnered enough popularity to more than double its funding goals, and still has another week to go. "What is Tango PC?" You might ask. In short, it's a smartphone-sized desktop mini-PC built using mostly laptop internals (that means it's upgradeable, guys) and a wicked-fast SSD that give you near-instantaneous boots into your OS of choice, all tied together in a streamlined metal casing. Hit the break for a video on the system.

Sure, this sounds like a marketing sales pitch, but it's only because we're excited for this thing. It might not have much in the way of raw power and gaming grunt, but it packs a punch for its size, and we're especially interested in its methods of portability and cooling properties. The Tango PC uses a docking system that has the cooling fans and heatsinks, so they can keep the system itself as small and portable as possible. It all sounds very interesting and new, but it's unfortunately also dangerously close to being disappointing.

Luckily, we're set to receive a test unit in April, so we'll be able to report on the system's successes and failures first-hand this Spring.


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