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TekNMotion Yapster TM-YB100A Head Set Review | Black Hole Tec

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TekNMotion Yapster TM-YB100A Head Set Review

Submitted by Syed Immad Ali on Tue, 07/28/2015 - 08:27

Today I will be looking at TekNMotions TM-YB100A head set with the boom microphone. So let us begin, shall we!



Recently, my old plantronics headset finaly took its last breath after years of abuse. So, I decided to take a look around my local online computer shop, and found these YB-100A. So I proceeded to going to microcenter, and picking up these headphones for only 15.99$, with an optional 2 year warranty for 2$ more! Bargain if you ask me. Anyways, I brought them home and began testing the sound quality, durability, and functionality of it. For only 17$, I was impressed at what I saw. Lets go into the specifications, and I will go deeper into the quality, durability, and functionality of these TekNMotion TM-YB100A.



Brand TekNMotion
Model TM-YB100A
Headphone Frequency 20Hz-20KHz
Headphone Input Impeadeance 32 ohm +/-
Headphone Sensitiivy 100db +/-
Connector 3.5mm
Ear Coupling Circumaural
Cord Lenght 2.2m
Mic Frequency response 30-60KHz
Mic Sensitivity -59dB+/-3dB



The retail box it comes in is basic, a simple molded shape to hold the headphones with some text on the back. I would show you the molding, however, the photos became corrupt leaving me with a picture of the text on the box. Either way, the back side of the retail packaging sports the features it has and boasts the affordability.  I'll post a picture of the back if you would like to read the back.

Once we open the box, We see the headset and the 2.2 metre cable (7.3 feet) neatly packed up in a small bag. Again, some photos are not avaliable. 

Here is the headset next to the box. For those wondering, yes, that is a styrofoam container. Lets continue on to the exterior section of this review.



The TM-YB100A are very nice in terms of color. All the colors compliment each other with some variations. The ear cups have a nice, soft leather padding to give your ear comfort. 

The head band region, is made up of a clean, comfortable leather that is seamed together nicely. It makes a nice cushion for the head area making it very comfortable.

Here is the outer-side of ear cups. They are complemented nicely with 2 mesh-type grills. There is also a better look at the head rest and both ear cups. Next up, the drop-down boom mic.

Here we can see the boom mic included with the TM-YB100A. The mic is mostly made up of a steel type of casing, with a piece of foam at the end of the mic. Now, I do have a complaint with this mic. If you want to move the mic up, when not in use, you need to move it up right from the base, at the ear cup. If not done, the mic will go up but the actual base doesn't go up with it.

Here, you can see the effect of not moving the mic up from the base. I would have liked to seen a stiffer metal casing, or maybe extend the base out so only the top 50% is moveable. Either way, this is not a major set back. Another point mentioning, on the line leading down to the 2, 3.5mm jacks, an inline volume scroll wheel and mic mute button. This is a great addition, for those looking to quickly turn their volume down or mute their mic.

Performance, Durability, and Functionality

Alright, time to discuss the performance of this head set. I am not by any means an audiophile, but I do know what is good audio for a budget headset and what is bad. This headset performed well. The inline audio was clean. On the other end, the built in mic gave a mediocre sound. 

The headset in my hands felt well build, and the earcups felt they were made properly. The leather type of material on the head rest was smooth and I did not see any ripping of the sewing. 

Functionality wise, the inline menu was a nice feature. However, note this is a sub 25$ headset, and at this price range, not many units come near this quality or performance. 


Final Thoughts

The TekNMotion TM-YB100A offers high quality and decent performance at a sub 25$ market, making it extremely hard for other units to compete. The sleek exterior combined with the leather-material ear cups and head rest add a "premium" vibe. 


 I have decided to give the TekNMotion TM-YB100A a silver award based on its quality, performance, and price!




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