Three new Iphones that look like the X next year

Submitted by Joly Joren on Tue, 11/14/2017 - 00:05

Earlier this year Apple came up with the Iphone X. There are rumors that it would serve next year as the basic model to make three new Iphones. Ming-Chi Kuo is speculating that there will be three new models next year based on the Iphone X. Those predictions were maded, based on a research note later obtained by MacRumors.

The first model would be an 6.5"-phone with and oledscreen. (This is the same screen used by the Iphone X). After this model there will be a smaller model with size 5.8" and also an oledscreen. The resolution that would be used, will be 2436x1125, this is the resolution from the current X.

The third device would have an 6.1" lcd screen. Macrumors quoted out of the research that this would be the midrange model. This model would have a starting price of $649 to $749 in the United states.

Although Ming-Chi Kuo doesn't have a clean sheet on predictions. The analist predicted the hardware of the Face ID, the infraredreceiver, the dotprojector and other features.





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