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Update: PC Drivers Status for Xbox One Controllers | Black Hole Tec

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Update: PC Drivers Status for Xbox One Controllers

Submitted by Tim Hage on Sun, 01/05/2014 - 20:35

Before you go and get all excited from reading the title of this post, I'll just come right out and say it: The drivers are still not available. There has been some reported progress in the creation of the drivers, so read on for the details.

Sadly, we haven't heard any news in almost 3 weeks now, but that's not a huge surprise given the recent holidays and everyone traveling to and from family. The software developer's Twitter account is still generally active, so we know he hasn't fallen out of existence but other than that we can only speculate as to the current readiness of the drivers. Last we heard,

X1 Driver Update: As many may know, there were some legal issues in releasing the driver, i may have found a way...  Twitter

As you may remember, we were originally told to expect a download from this developer sometime around November 27th, but the release was delayed when he received a letter from Microsoft's legal department. Since then, he's been working on a way to release the drivers without meeting legal issues, which is more than understandable.  Besides, now that it's 2014, where are the official drivers, Microsoft? 

Stick with us to keep in-the-know on the driver release status; We're itching to use our controllers as well.

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