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Vodafone completes the first 5G call | Black Hole Tec

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Vodafone completes the first 5G call

Submitted by Samy Van Vooren on Wed, 02/28/2018 - 22:43

4G made our lives so much easier. Downloading movies or music on the train, using maps when you’re lost, watching the news whenever you want… All these things wouldn’t be possible or would take a lot more time without 4G. We can’t complain about its speed, all what we need is available in a few minutes. But imagine that you could download your favorite TV shows and movies in no more than a few seconds?

5G is the logic successor of the well known 4G and will reach speeds that will blow your mind. No official information has yet been given, but it appears from the tests that 5G will reach a download speed of 10Gbps (or 1.25 Gigabyte per second). 4G, that we know so well these days, only reaches a maximum download speed of 100Mbps. This means that 5G will be 100 times faster than 4G.

Last week in Barcelona on the 22nd of February, Vodafone successfully demonstrated a call using the new Non Stand-Alone 3GPP 5G new Radio standard and sub6 GHz spectrum. The connection was initiated with a 4G connection and was later switched to a 5G connection for which the 3.7GHz bandwidth was used. Besides the phone call, they also establish a data connection between 2 devices: A HD video was streamed from one device to the other using 5G. Vodafone is the first company to successfully transfer data using 5G. Unfortunately, 5G will not be available for the public that quickly. Europe is planning to have a working 5G network in 2020. In the US, Verizon and AT&T announced that they will begin rolling out its mobile 5G network later this year.

5G will not only affect the download speed of our movies. It will also play a major role in new IoT applications. 5G will be the first network designed that could manage the huge data transfer needed for a world where thousand of devices are connected with each other. With the help of 5G, smaller devices will no longer have to compute the data theirselves. They will only need to send it to other larger devices that will process this data for them. On a large scale this was not yet possible, but with 5G this will be within our reach. The future with 5G is bright. We will hear a lot about it in the coming months.

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