Will AI become the new Esports champions?

Submitted by Joly Joren on Wed, 08/16/2017 - 13:34

OpenAI announced their Artificial intelligence system for the moba DOTA. The theory behind this system is that pro players can play on their level and even learn from “the computer”.

DOTA is a moba, it is a game where you have 2 teams and you try to destroy the other's main building. You can compare it to league of legends or smite. Making a bot system for this kind of game is really hard. There are a lot of rules and characters that need to be built in the system.

Of course just like any other activity that humans do we build up routines. The better your routines are in a game (strategy and skill wise) the better player you are. But you can also say that the better you adapt to your surroundings the better you are. This last thing is hard to train when you are at the top of your competition. The only way to learn this was by skrimming against other pro players, but even then you can analyses their plays and be well prepared.

This bot system should help to train for that. It learns in game what you are doing and adapts itself to your quality’s and weaknesses. This is a very important learning tool and pro players want it in their training kit. This is just the beginning of IA in Esports but it will grow way bigger, just as the sector does.

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