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Battlefield 4 Releases to the Masses | Black Hole Tec

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Battlefield 4 Releases to the Masses

Submitted by Tim Hage on Tue, 10/29/2013 - 15:47

After about a week and a half of beta testing and balancing the game's multiplayer elements, the hugely anticipated release of EA's fourth (numbered) installment into the Battlefield series has released today on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, with PS4 and Xbox One releases scheduled for release November 12th and 29th, respectively.

After winning a great many awards while making its rounds at gaming conventions throughout the year, it seems the accolades for Battlefield 4 aren't stopping there; early reviews are already showing impressive scores across the board, as EA's press release is eager to note:

Winner of more than 30 industry awards, Battlefield 4 has been praised as “glorious chaos” by GameSpot while Yahoo! Games states it “looks amazing and packs innovative multiplayer enhancements.” With its award-winning, best-in-class multiplayer, Battlefield 4 delivers the bleeding edge of interactive technology and gaming. Battlefield 4 has received a 9.5 from, 9.0 from, 8.75 from Game Informer Magazine and 8.5 from

The press release also goes into detail about the Season Pass purchase opportunities for the true Battlefield fans that want to get instant access to the DLC/expansions that will be coming at a steady pace over the next several months.

With the game's breathtaking visuals and system-stressing destructable environments, Battlefield 4 is not only one of the hottest and most anticipated games of the year, but it also serves as the latest in real-time system benchmarks for you and your friends to argue bragging rights over, to see who can run it with the highest settings and most consistent FPS. Undoubtedly, this game will stress the very limits of even the best built machines.

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