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Black Hole Benchmark Cross-Platform support! | Black Hole Tec

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Black Hole Benchmark Cross-Platform support!

Submitted by Robbie Pyckhout on Mon, 11/11/2013 - 21:56

The Black Hole Benchmark began as a little program calculating the performance of a single thread of your CPU, but the program was improved daily, and became more robust as time went on, supporting up to 32 threads running at the same time to test the real performance of your CPU. The benchmark faced many bugs, but we were able to fix all of it. Our goal is to give our users a look at the real-world performance of their CPU, instructions (parts) of the CPU that are barely used are not tested by the benchmark. In singlethreaded tests, we measure the performance of the cpu in apps like webbrowsing, word processing, and other day-to-day tasks. The 4threaded test measures the amount of gaming power. We use specific calculations to emulate those used in games, to provide you a reliable score. That's why you'll have another score on the multithreaded test with a quadcore processor; The multithreaded benchmark tests the performance in heavy processes that support more than 1-4 threads, like tasks involving heavy 3D rendering, encoding, or other encryption, or the decompiling of large files.

Since its creation, the benchmark has been exclusively available to only those running Windows machines, but we wanted everyone to have the opportunity to compare scores and performance numbers, across all major platforms. That is why we made the Cross-Platform edition of Black Hole Benchmark. We are working to support iOS, Windows, Android and Linux all in the same application, and all with the same testing and scoring algorithims, to ensure comparable and consistent results! Want to directly compare the performance numbers of teh hottest phone vs. its Chinese knock-off replica to see if the price difference really has an impact? With the Cross-Platform edition, you can!

The Windows version and the Linux version will remain free to all, but we are planning to ask a little money for the mobile app versions. Why are we charging for the mobile versions? A couple reasons, but primarily because of the amount of new work and research needed for development, and because we want to enable the possibility of big giveaways and contests to our users! We aim to have the new version available before the end of the year.

If you have any suggestions for the program, you can always comment below!

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