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Some may have found some results about some R9 290X from Club3D that popped up with the previous review. Well, that card gets reviewed in this article! Other than the R9 295X2 is this the most powerful card from teh company named the Club3D RoyalAce R9 290X offering an highly clocked R9 290X card with a huge cooler upon it. AMD released the card previous year as counter against the GTX TITAN. They succeeded to beat the card with well overhead. This card is the best solution if you want to play games at 4K. This card is the only one (together with the GTX 780 TI) that's able to play most games maxed out on a 4K resolution. You can find a R9 290X as cheap as 460 Euros on the market, the RoyalAce edition costs a little more with its 530 pricetag. MSI's Lightning and ASUS's Matrix are still much more expensive with a price around 590 Euros. Let's see if this card is worth the price.


Specifications and Features

  Club3D RoyalAce R9 290X AMD Radeon R9 280X

AMD Radeon R9 290

AMD Radeon R9 280

Price (Euro)


530 250 380 180
GPU Hawaii XT Tahiti XT Hawaii Pro Tahiti Pro
CUDA Cores 2816 2048 2560 1792
Clock Speed 1040 MHz Max 1000MHz Max 947MHz Max 933 MHz Max
Memory Width 512-bit 384-bit 512-bit 384-bit
Memory Clock 1350 MHz 1350 MHz 1500 MHz 1250 MHz
Typical Board Power 275W 250W 170W 250W
Memory GDDR5 (MB) 4096 3072 4096 3072


Club3D R9 280X RoyalQueen

The RoyalQueen R9 280X belongs to the company's poker series which are described like this on their website: 

With our new "PokerSeries" Club 3D offers a new level of special gamecards that delivers the best performance, newest features and best coolers. PokerSeries graphic cards present our highest demands

The RoyalQueen seems to be the lowest class in the pokerseries but should offer a great thermal design and amount of features as well.

Clean package with a door hanger, installationguide, driver CD and no Crossfire bridge (due to thhe connection through PCI-e lanes)  included.

A little text Club3D sent us about what they're planning to achieve in 2014:

Club 3D is a leading supplier of high performance & high quality graphics cards.  Headquartered in The Netherlands, Club 3D was established in 1997 by computer enthusiasts.  In 2001, Club 3D became the first ATI Technologies’ Add-in-Board partner to launch products into the market.  Since 2001, Club 3D have developed Graphics Cards based on all leading GPU Manufactures.  Club 3D have been focused on providing products to the enthusiasts market.  This market demand the best performance, features and quality from graphics cards.  For this reason we launched the Poker Series of cards to offer the Best Performance, features and quality for those who demand only the BEST!  The Poker Series offers the enthusiast custom PCB designs, Club 3D’s CoolStream cooling solution which improves heat dissipation and reduces fan noise for improved performance and reliability.  In 2014, we will continue to introduce exciting new products into the Poker Series line-up!  Club 3D also offers variety of other products ranging from PSU, Cables to PC accessories.  Club 3D was a pioneer in the MST Hub market and will introduce more innovative accessories product in 2014 and beyond.  Please stay tuned for future news and reviews of Club 3D products on 


Product Showcase

Club3D always liked to implement a rather simple design for their graphics cards. The R9 290X is also equiped with a stylish backpanel to affloat more heat. The design used for this card is already a little dated, but from what we've seen in the past, this design should offer great temperatures paired with pretty cool temperatures. This is also the first time Club3D uses a triple-fan solution and you have to admit that the card looks like a beast! Also the material used is quality stuff. With our previous review we mentioned a a cheap plastic shroud around the R9 280X from Club3D, but with the RoyalAce they didn't save money on the housing, because everything is made of metal and is very strong and good quality.


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