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Submitted by Robbie Pyckhout on Sun, 07/13/2014 - 09:15
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After all we've seen in our tests, we can conclude a winner of this little comparison, which is the MSI R9 280X Gaming. Both have the same price tag in many shops, that's why we decided to compare these cards and see which of them offered most bang for the buck. Club3D does offer less performance for the money, as well as the the thermal design lacks the ability to compete with MSI's Twin Frozr IV. However, Club3D's solution is not that bad at all and can please you with good performance and a reasonable good thermal design. In terms of the looks of these cards, we have to include that we liked the Twin Frozr cooler a little more... Club3D's backplate on the other side gave it a very expensive feeling. The shroud around the RoyalQueen R9 280X also felt cheaper and weaker than the shroud found upon MSI's R9 280X.

Both cards are able to max out everything on 1080P, also games that are planned to come out the upcoming year should be no problem at all. Our 4K tests prove that 1 of these cards is unable to achieve a comfortable gameplay with this amount of pixels to drive. But, turning the graphics settings a little lower to high preset should give you fair numbers.

Thermal Design favors MSI since it's cooler and more silent than the other card. Also the overclocking potential on MSI's card was awesome. That should be a result from the very high ASIC Quality we found through GPU-z. Due to this lower ASIC quality on the Club3D RoyalQueen R9 280X, the card consumes more power than his opponent.

This leads us to the final Verdict:

MSI R9 280X OC Gaming Club3D RoyalQueen R9 280X

Performance = 18.5/20

GPU performance in price range = 10/10, Global GPU performance = 8.5/10

Power Consumption = 4/5

Overclocking = 5/5

Design = 24/25

Acoustics = 10/10, Cooling = 9/10, Looks = 5/5

Value = 9.7/10


Total Score ≈ 9.42/10

We decided to give the MSI R9 280X OC Gaming a close Platinum award!


More Information about our awards and High resolution versions can be found here

Performance = 18.2/20

GPU performance in price range = 9.5/10, Global GPU performance = 8.2/10

Power Consumption = 3.5/5

Overclocking = 3/5 

Design = 24/25

Acoustics = 9/10, Cooling = 8/10, Looks = 4/5

Value = 9/10


Total Score ≈ 8.88/10

We decided to give the Club3D RoyalQueen R9 280X a silver award!


More Information about our awards and High resolution versions can be found here



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