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Cryorig H5 Ultimate - Review | Black Hole Tec

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Cryorig H5 Ultimate - Review

Submitted by Brecht Theys on Fri, 11/27/2015 - 20:14

The newest generation of processors, the Intel Skylake series. Was designed with power consumption in mind. But older processors are much less power efficient, and therefore generate more heat. That’s why aftermarket coolers have become a big thing. Companies such as Bequiet!, Corsair and many more are designing and manufacturing coolers by the dozens each year. But the cooler we will be looking at today is the Cryorig H5 Ultimate.

The design

Let us first talk about the design of the cooler. Cryorig’s design isn’t that different from any other aftermarket cooler you may know. The design is very simple. A copious amount of cooling fins crammed together on a rather large cooler. To be more specific of how large this cooler actually is, it measures 16 cm by 14.3 cm by 11.09 cm. Making it quite a large cooler. This can of course lead to certain problems. When installing the cooler for instance, I noticed how the fan covers one of my RAM slots completely. Making it impossible to use all 4 slots, and I own an ATX motherboard.
When it comes to the look of the cooler, Cryorig did well. The sleek black look of the (sadly enough) plastic top of the cooler fits nearly every built. The gray fan however, could use a respray.
When it comes to the actual design of the cooling fins itself, I must say, they did an amazing job, not only do they work well but they also look astonishing. The honeycomb structure is just mesmerizing to look at.      [for extra images of the cooler, click here]                                  

Continuing on the subject of the design. Cryorig’s engineering department must be filled with computer-building-enthousiasts, since they came up with a solution for a problem we’ve all encountered. Annoying mounting mechanisms. The H5 Ultimate probably has the easiest mounting mechanism I have come across so far.
Even a child could do this. That’s how easy it is. All you do is attach the backplate to the motherboard, and subsequently you use the screwdriver supplied by Cryorig to tighten two screws. Once the screws can’t be screwed in any further, the cooler is mounted correctly. The cooler will also fit on any of the sockets listed in this table.











Testing the thing

Now, you can’t rate a cooler solely on its looks, can you? So let’s take a look out our results shall we?

The temperature of the CPU is also altered by other factors of course. Such as the amount of case fans, or the heat exhausted by the GPU. So to give you a better idea of how this cooler performs, this is the testing setup we used:
- NZXT H440
- 3 120mm intake fans
- 1 140mm outtake fan
- MSI R9 390X Gaming 8G
- Cryorig H5 Ultimate (of course)

The rest of the components, such as the one HDD and the SSD’s do not really have an effect on the inside temperature, since they don’t generate that much heat and are located far away from all heat generating components.

Our verdict

So, what can be extrapolate from these values? All we can really say is that this is a very capable cooler. It keeps the temperatures nice and low, even with a 4.3 GHz overclock on the CPU. And best of all, these values were all taken using a fan profile suggested by the ASUS UEFI Bios. The profile was created by Asus and it puts silence before everything else. That is another feature we quite liked about this cooler. The fan is extremely quiet and only makes a slight amount of noise when being used at its full speed.

But it can’t be all good. I did run into some issues along the way. As I was mounting the cooler I noticed how long the 4-pin cable was. So I tried hiding it underneath the cooler. Somehow one of the cables got cut by the heat fins. What I am trying to say is that the cable sleeve is of very low quality, and barely does anything else than look good. It was very easy to fix however. Some soldering and a tiny bit of heat shrink later, and all was well again. But just to put it out there, Cryorig. Great cooler, but the cable sleeves could’ve been of some higher quality.

Another thing that I would’ve loved to see, is a black brushed aluminium top instead of plastic the plastic one currently being used. Although the plastic fits the cooler’s design, it also makes it look cheaper than its competitors .

But if I had to describe this cooler in 3 words, it would be “more than decent”. This is by far one of the best air coolers around. And it can easily be made better by slapping on a high pressure fan, such as the commonly used Noctua NF-A14. But we must give Cryorig all the credit it deserves. Cryorig managed to make an inexpensive cooler ($42 on Newegg) with loads of great features and extra bells and whistles. Not only does it perform admirably but it also looks very “stylish”. Therefore I will end this review by giving our friends at Cryorig a solid silver BHT award, keep up the good work.

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