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MSI Gaming laptop GE62VR 6RF | Black Hole Tec

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MSI Gaming laptop GE62VR 6RF

Submitted by Joly Joren on Thu, 05/04/2017 - 15:40

MSI is well known for their hardware: they never disappoint and their gaming laptops are great. Now they decided to get to the VR hype with their new MSI GE62VR 6RF gaming laptop. For this VR technology you really need a good setup! MSI tried and succeeded in making this laptop not only a beauty, but also a beast.



The packaging of this laptop is great. Like every other laptop of MSI, MSI made sure that it is safe and stylish. It comes in a box that you can carry as a suitcase. This makes transporting really handy.

They use just enough space, not too much and not too little , this makes sure that nothing gets damaged. To finish, the laptop is packed in a plastic bag, a cotton bag and between the keyboard and the screen there is a piece of fabric.

On the outside of the box there is a lot of information about the content. This information is so clearly displayed, everybody can just know from one look at the box, which features the laptop has. This is really handy for people who want to have an overview of the specs.



The design they came up with is really pretty. The black aluminum with the red line and the dragon, who gives light, is very well known. It is a design that can be appreciated by every gamer. You can see by the little details, that they took their time and effort to make this laptop an awesome looking computer. Everything is perfectly integrated in the system. It is really hard to find a mistake in their design. Good luck with that!



The keyboard is perfectly placed on the bottom part of the laptop, the keys feel nice, and the RGB lights that you can change due according to taste is outstanding.

The silver lining printed keys will work for a long time and are from a really really good quality. Steelseries is a well-known company for delivering quality peripherals.

To change between all the different effects and different colors you can just open the MSI software and adapt all the things, to your own taste. Normally I’m not a huge fan of MSI software, but this one is greatly developed, easy in use and great in effectiveness!

When you are typing a paper, you are gaming or just working, your hands rest on the black aluminum. From an engineering standpoint, you feel that they have chosen this material carefully. It always feels nicely fresh, but not cold. If you are tired from a long day and you just want to play some games, this is the feeling you expect. Of course this has nothing to do with the hardware but these details make this laptop just complete.



The Mousepad is normally not the most interesting thing, but in this case I would love to highlight it in this paragraph. It has a nice texture. For the look they tried to continue in the line of the aluminum next to it. They really succeeded in this. There is also a minus to this touchpad. For the first half hour it won’t bother you, but if you have to use this over and over again in long times. I can understand that it doesn’t feel that nice anymore. But I use a mouse so if I have to use my touchpad, it is for a very short period.

To finish this mousepad, I want to highlight that when you press it, it gives a nice click feedback. This is not in every laptop. But it makes sure that you know very well when you pressed it and when you didn’t.


The system has the Cooler Boost 4 Technology. This is a self-made technology. This system just needs one press on the fan button and you have 6 heat pipes (3 for the CPU and 3 for the GPU) which will lead the heat away from them. Of course when you are in game and you don’t know that your GPU/CPU is getting hot, you want that the boost turns on. For that, they have included SHIFT technology. So when needed it will turn on the boost by itself. A little minus about this boost is of course the noise production. But this is just a little minus.



 They used, just like in the  previous models, the Nahimic 2 Sound Technology. For people who don’t know this technology: it is used in the French air force and focused on the fact that you should hear minimal differences in your audio.

The audio system exists out of four 2W speakers and 3W woofer. This make the sound really loud!

Personally I expected better from this. When I turned on the volume there was a bit distortion and it became more when it got louder.



The display has a 15.6” , 1080p eDP IPS-Level panel. This performed really outstanding. It has rich colors and the brightness is awesome. When you are playing a game or watching a video you will be surprised how good the quality and the black levels are!



This MSI laptop is one of the best they have. It is really powerful and with just the 2 kg it weighs, you can have a beast of a pc in your backpack. It costs a lot (€1699) but you get worth for your money. The speakers are a minus. Therefor i give the MSI Gaming laptop GE62VR 6RF a golden reward.



About the Author

As a student electronical engineering ICT my interest in technology is huge. As a person I’m willing to learn every day to improve myself and focus on the things I love doing. That's the force that drives me to accept new challenges. Technology is a hobby and the fact that I can write and share my opinion about all the new evolutions is a wonderful gift. I’m always open for critical feedback to improve and push myself to the top. If you want to do something really badly, you should just go out there and do it. That's what I try to do every day and I’m grateful that I can be part of this team. I hope that one day we as a team can make BlackholeTec a big name in the world of technologies.
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