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After reviewing the cooling capacity of the coolers we can conclude that both coolers are winners, taking into consideration certain factors, one may prefer one over the other. While the NH-D15S emerges as the dual-tower beast, it is a hefty sized cooler which one may not be too keen on using. However, it must be noted that these preferences are usually subjective. While the NH-C14S, not being able to cool the CPU as well as the NH-D15S is a lot smaller in size and is likely to fit well in smaller cases and on Micro ATX Motherboards. We must make a mention here that although the NH-D15S is a rather big cooler, which covers almost the entire motherboard, it does not prove to be an obstruction. High profile Ram with a big heatsink can be used with this cooler without worrying about whether or not it would make contact with the dual-tower heatsink. Another factor which one must bear in mind is the price for each of these coolers. The manufacturer suggested prices for the NH-D15S and NH-C14S are 79.9$ and 74.90$ respectively. This places the NH-D15S in a wonderful price-performance bracket as it is able to cool an FX 8350 at 4.7Ghz with ease. The NH-C14S performs similar to the NH-U12S which is slightly cheaper, currently being sold for around 68$. The major advantage of the NH-C14S over the NH-U12S is it's ability to cool the socket area around the chip, including the VRM's of the motherboard. Ultimately, you cannot go wrong with either of these coolers. The promised performance by Noctua is delivered and the coolers surpassed our expectations. Once again we would like our readers to consider the accessories that came along with the Noctua CPU Coolers, All accessories that one could ever need for installation is provided. The easy installation of even a large, heavy heatsink like the NH-D15S justifies the price point that it has been marketed at. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Noctua for not only manufacturing such quality components but also for sponsoring us with these units along with additional fans, making this review possible. Below is a chart of the allotment of scores for both the Noctua NH-D15S and the Noctua NH-C14S.


Noctua NH-D15S Noctua NH-C14S

Performance = 19.3/20

Cooler performance in price range = 9.5/10, Global cooler performance = 9.8/10

Mounting process - 10/10

Design = 28/30

Acoustics = 10/10, Packaging - 10/10, Looks = 8/10

Value = 9.7/10


Total Score ≈ 9.57/10

We decided to give the Noctua NH-D15S a Platinum award!


More Information about our awards and High resolution versions can be found here

Performance = 18/20

Cooler performance in price range = 9/10, Global cooler performance = 9/10

Mounting Process - 10/10 

Design = 28/30

Acoustics = 10/10, Packaging = 10/10, Looks = 8/10

Value = 9/10


Total Score ≈ 9.28/10

We decided to give the Noctua NH-C14S a Gold award!


More Information about our awards and High resolution versions can be found here



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