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Samsung CF591 review | Black Hole Tec

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Samsung CF591 review

Submitted by Joly Joren on Mon, 02/06/2017 - 09:52


Samsung is well known for their monitors, their phones, their tablets, overall actually well known for their technology. Earlier this year ( may 2016) they released a new set of screens including the CF591 curved full HD 27 inch PC monitor. It is designed for business or home use.



First let’s talk about the design. Like the name tells it is a curved monitor the curve itself is a 1800R curve which means that it is a part of a circle with a radius of 1,800 mm, this is designed for deeper immersion. They have also a monitor with a 4000R curve, but this wasn’t really noticeable On the sides it has a nice grey finishing. With an Led indicator on the left bottom. At the back it is a smooth white surface which makes it a modern good looking monitor, that can stand in every living room.

 The stand is just too small for the screen. It is not that it goes from left to right, but it shakes a bit. This is unfortunate, because I think that if it would be a tiny bit bigger, it wouldn’t shake at all. You can’t twist the screen, just let it lean forwards or backwards under an angle of -2° to 20°. I personally like to  turn my screen to show things to other people while for example working. Also the screen can’t be attached to the wall. So you will need the space to put it on your desk.

The curve itself makes the experience of working, viewing and gaming a bit better. It sucks you more in the screen. Although the curve isn’t that huge, it is impactful on the experience.

On the back there is a line with all the input for the cables. You have (from left to right) a power plug, headphone jack plug, audio jack input, a VGA, a HDMI  and a DisplayPort . There is a power plug, a HDMI and a DP input cable in the box.



Recently you have 2 main controls on screens, or you have the buttons, or you have the touchscreen. Pro’s on the touchscreen, you can handle it in the dark. Contra’s for touchscreen, you make marks on the screen from dirty hands. I think Samsung is really successful in finding a solution to get all the pro’s. They use a joystick (JOG button) on the back, which is easy to handle in the dark and doesn’t let you make marks on the screen. The only thing a joystick can cause are the presses when it doesn’t has to be a press. But if you get used to using this, it will stop happening. The menu itself is quiet standard you  have the picture, with the brightness, contrast, sharpness, here you can also activate the game mode. This is a mode that should give you a reduced response time. The onscreen display with transparency, position, etc. The system settings, with the sound, the eco saving plus, etc. . To summary all you need.


The quality specifications of this screen are not outstanding but also not too bad. The resolution is 1980 x 1080. It has a refresh rate of 60Hz and a response time of 4 milliseconds. This can be compared with other screens of the same price class. It has a maximum brightness is 250 nit. The only outstanding point is its display contrast ratio at maximum brightness.

This screen should be calibrated first before using, so you can get the best out of the screen. The difference will be not huge but will be noticeable.


The price of this screen is around €350, this is actually quiet high for a 1080p display. You have several screens that cost around €100 euro’s. If you want a 27 inch screen, the price is around €200.


Of course you could say a screen works for everyone, but there are minor differences which can make a screen more suitable for gaming than for working. But Samsung made this screen so it could suit both really nice.

First of all they added a game mode. This mode can be activated and is supposed to give you a smooth view of your games/videos, even when there is action everywhere. There is a technology in the screen from AMD, called Free Sync technology. This makes sure that the refresh rate of the screen is the same as your game. So you don’t have any potential input latency. Normally they use 60Hz but if game mode is activated you can have more or less, depends on the FPS in your game.

There is also the Eye Saver Mode this is really handy for working. You can just read or work on documents without overloading your eyes. This mode can also be used when you game long times after each other, or binge watch movies/series.


This screen is a quality full 1080p screen, it is a really nice screen for work and gaming. But is a bit expensive for what you get. The design is really modern and there are some features as the joystick and game mode/eye-saver mode who are really good, nevertheless there are also contras like the big stand. If you would buy it is a good, quality full screen.  But it keeps quiet expensive.

Therefor I give the samsung CF591 the silver reward.







Size: 27 inches

Display type : VA

Curvature : 1800R

Resolution : 1920x1080

Static Contrast Ration : 3,000:1

Brightness : 250 nit

Built-in Stereo Speakers :  Yes

Response time : 4 ms

Color support : 16.7M


Power :

External adaptor : yes

Power supply type : 14V/3.22A

Power consumption: 36W

Power consumption in stand-by : 0.3W

Max Stand By Power : 0.3W



HDMI  input : yes

Windows/Mac Compatible: Yes

Samsung MagicUpscale/MagicBright : yes

Eye Saver Mode : yes

Eco Saving Plus : yes

AMD FreeSync: yes

Flicker Free : yes

Active Crystal Color : yes

Easy Setting Box : yes


Dimensions: 24.2” x 17.0” x 10.6”

Weight: 9.7lbs



Powercable : yes

HDMI cable : yes

Other:  Quick setup Guide

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