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Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Review | Black Hole Tec

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Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Review

Submitted by Robbie Pyckhout on Wed, 03/22/2017 - 13:28


Previous week, we reviewed one of Skullcandy's bluetooth speakers, characterized by their very delinearized yet balanced deep sound signature. The crusher headphones takes it even a little further with their headline "Bass you can feel". Some time ago I went to Skullcandy's booth at the IFA press event and they showed me their newest Crusher headphone. I wasn't able to form a reliable image of the sound quality of the product due to the loud environment, but I could feel the vibration resonating on bass tracks like I had never felt before. Now that we received the headphone, we can go deeper in describing the actual sound quality provided by the product.


Packaging, Features & Design

The Crusher headphone is well-packed in a secure box as it's put in coated bag. AUX and micro-USB cables are included in the package, as well as a quick start and warranty document.

The Crusher headphone is still pretty sizable but feels sleek on first sight. Skullcandy's icon is visible on both sides, aside that the headphone uses a pretty straightforward design. With a firm grip around your head and a simplistic design, this is just what you'd expect a modern over-ear to look like. Earpads are very comfortable to wear for a longer period. The headband could have been made somewhat more comfortable as due to the firm grip, you can feel more weight on top of the band pressing down on your head. To adjust the bass, the headphone uses a slider, the slider is somewhat loose and you can hear that from time to time if you move your head (especially when your walking). The interface to adjust the volume and pause/skip songs is easy to use, some may accidently skip tracks if they press the plus button too long. 

The battery can be charged on the bottom of one of the earpads. A universal micro-USB to USB cable is used to charge the headphone. It gives not only the ability to connect wireless and listen to your music, but also to adjust the bass on comfortable level. Skullcandy promotes a battery life of 40 hours, but we suspect it to be longer as I'm already listining with the same battery for just over a week (regular use; bass level in mid setting). 

Aside from the comfortability of the earpads, they do also cancel external noise with passive noise cancelling. It still allows quite some noise to come through, but it's greatly reduced. Leakage to the outside is almost non-existing. It's easy to turn them on so hard, that you're suprised no one reacts on your volume level.

The frame is solidly built and has a very firm grip so you'll have no problems moving around while listening to music. 



The new crusher does good in a somewhat louder environment, when everything around you is silent, you might notice some discomfort when the bass levels reach that level where it destroys the balance of the music. In more noisy environments it gives kind of a thrill overruling everything around you. For real audiophiles, the bass might be a turn of as it sounds a little fabricated and when the slider is on its minimum the sound signature feels kind of flat. I found my sweet spot somewhere in the middle of the slider, it still needs some adjustment depending on which song you're listening.

To watch movies/series, the extra vibration makes it a real experience. I showed the headphone to my friends and they were surprised at first and suspected it to cost quite some money. That however was in a noisy environment; in silent environments it remained impressive for some, but others had a revision in opinion.

The adjustable bass with vibration provides a different experience and a strong sound signature, but there's some personal preference. If you're into heavy bass related music like electronic music or some Hip-Hop might also find its way to this headphone. Skullcandy has always been a life-style brand and once again the succeeded to bring something to the market that's special and very personal. 

The headphone is quite something, but when it comes to subtle details, it still lacks some dynamic feeling which you can find in other headphones in this price range.



Being Skullcandy's flagship headphone, it certainly has a ring to it: 'crusher'; A headphone with massive bass presence, a strongly delinearized sound signature, wireless connection, comfortable earpads and a huge battery life.

It does great in noisy environments, but lacks some noticable dynamic feeling in more silent environments. The adjustable bass feels great in movies or heavy bass related music genres. In more classical or subtle music tracks, you'll find the bass a little much to describe as comfortable as it sounds a little fabricated on sub-bass tracks. The bass can be adjusted to a more comfortable level and for me that's in the middle of the slider.

Interface-wise it's pretty dummy proof, but you can easily skip tracks pressing the minus or plus button too long. The slider for the bass sits somewhat loose, but the frame is firm and ensures a good grip even when moving around. It's quite big, but the modern design gives it a sleeker look than you'd expect a headphone this size.

Do we "feel the bass", certainly.. the 2 channel haptic bass amplifiers provides quite some bass paired with the right vibration. It's a show off product as it's different concept than most other headphones; As a life-style brand Skullcandy once again succeeded to bring something to the market that's special and very personal. For this price, they've done something that no one else did in the market and succeeded in their planned design. While it's not my cup of tea, the scattered opinions of many other 3rd party users have persuaded me to give this product a gold award for its price.


+ Adjustable Bass

+ Comfortable earpads

+ Huge battery life

+ Good in noisy environments or watching movies

+ Firm frame

+ Bass vibrates

+ Great sound signature for Bass lovers

- Pressure on the top of your head

- Lacks subtlety / dynamic feeling

- Bass sounds fabricated

- Haptic Bass personal preference

The Skullcandy Crusher Wireless earns a gold award for its unique design and personality.

More Information about our awards and High resolution versions can be found here

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