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Creative Sound Blaster Kratos S3

Having a good PC setup is nice, but without a decent sound system to back your gaming experience, an essesntial key for the gameplay is missing. If you have a nice desktop/laptop, but crappy speakers; you won’t have the game/view experience you were hoping for. Creative's kratos S3 is especially made to enhance this experience. 

Creative iRoar Go Review

In pursuit of bigger and balder sound, a most prominent desire for a great deal of audiophiles and youth is the requirement of audio to stay portable and reliable on battery life as well. This way they're able to perceive great audio, even when they're on the go. Creative has had this picture in mind for a long time now and came up with the perfect balance between portability and major audio performance.

Samsung CF591 review

Samsung is well known for their monitors, their phones, their tablets, overall actually well known for their technology. Earlier this year ( may 2016) they released a new set of screens including the CF591 curved full HD 27 inch PC monitor. It is designed for business or home use.

MSI Radeon RX 470 Gaming X 4GB Review

The MSI Radeon RX 470 Gaming X has 4GB of DDR5 Memory. The RX 470 is currently available in two variants, 4GB DDR5 Memory and 8GB DDR5 Memory, with the 4GB variant being the most popular given its price to performance ratio. The MSI RX 470 Gaming X has been marketed as a sub $200 GPU.

Trust GXT870 Review

Trust is a Dutch company that makes hardware accessories for electronic devises since 1983. Their philosophy is making hardware accessible for everyone and to be present in every asset of hardware accessories. This goal is recognized by one of their main mottos : you name it, we got it.

Creative SoundBlaster Roar 2 Review

Creative sent us two of their top tier SoundBlaster products including a Bluetooth speaker as well as a gaming headset. Today we’re reviewing the first product in line, the sound blaster roar 2. To be honest, I’ve been a huge fan of these Bluetooth speakers since I bought the first Roar edition 2 years ago.

Transcend SSD360S 128GB Review


SSDs have come a long way since the very one 35 years ago (yes, you read that right) by Dataram, the Bulk Core, which cost $9700 at the time! It was only in 2006 that SSDs had finally begun to go mainstream and penetrate into the consumer market, but they were still extremely expensive and were considered the ultimate form of computing luxury.

XFX Radeon RX460 4GB Review

In addition to the RX series, AMD just released a new member even more budget friendly than the other two products. The card focuses primarily on budget gamers who mainly play eSports-like games, for which League of Legends, DOTA and Overwatch are highly anticipated examples.

Transcend 32GB MicroSDHC Memory Card Review

A memory card is simply another regular storage device which makes use of flash memory. However, make what makes them stand out from the other flash storage devices is mainly their size. 

Sapphire R9 390X & 390 Nitro Review

SAPPHIRE worked closely with AMD for years now, therefor they've always been one of the biggest partners of AMD on the graphics department. Once again, SAPPHIRE delivers an incredible R9 390(X) on a reasonable pricepoint of 353/299 euro including

Kingston DataTraveler microDuo 3C Pen Drive Review

The product in question for review is the Kingston DataTraveler microDuo 3C. The selling point of this product lies mainly in the fact that it is a combination of both USB Type-A and USB Type-C connectors.

A Video Review on Designer Skins by Skin4Gadgets

Skins for phones have gained a lot of popularity. This is because they offer a few more benefits over a regular phone case. Phone cases tend to add a lot more bulk to the device.

KEF M500 Review

KEF impresses with style and great quality, but on the other side of the medal, KEF tends to get attention in a more negative way as their pricetag is offen the factor not to invest in their produc

TP-LINK TL PB 2600mAh Power Bank Video Review

A Power Bank is a portable lithium battery in a sealed case which is used to charge various components like phones, tablets, MP3 players and a few other devices.

Etekcity Scroll FLY - review

Our favourite budget peripheral manufacturer, EtekCity, has provided us with another sample to review. This time they have given us one of their budget gaming mice. Here at BHT we’re obviously all seasoned gamers, and since we’re all proud members of the glorious PC master race, we can safely say we know what a good gaming mouse is. So let us start our review on the Etekcity Scroll FLY.

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