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Air Cooler

Cryorig H5 Ultimate - Review

The newest generation of processors, the Intel Skylake series. Was designed with power consumption in mind. But older processors are much less power efficient, and therefore generate more heat. That’s why aftermarket coolers have become a big thing. Companies such as Bequiet!, Corsair and many more are designing and manufacturing coolers by the dozens each year. But the cooler we will be looking at today is the Cryorig H5 Ultimate.

High-End CPU Air Cooler Solutions review

In the past few weeks, BlackHoleTec has assembled numberous results of high end coolers by companies like Noctua, Cryorig, Scythe and Thermalright. We'd like to share our thoughts about every one of them in one general review. All except one are built on a Dual Tower design, Scythe however, took the other path with a big Single Tower cooler named the Scythe Mugen MAX. There're some other coolers that will draw your attention, like the Noctua NH-D15, the successor of the very famous Noctua NH-D14. 

Be Quiet! Dark Rock 3 review

Be Quiet released the 3rd gen of their dark rock series a while ago. It can be divided in 2 editions, the Dark Rock 3 and Dark Rock Pro 3. The difference between these 2 coolers is that the Pro edition is a dual tower aircooler while the normal one has only 1 fan and 1 heatsink tower. Coupled with the Silent Wings we reviewed earlier, this cooler should be both silent and cool.

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