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Radeon FreeSync for Xbox One S and Xbox One X

The release of technologies like FreeSync and GSync made it possible to play games fluently, even on lower framerates. Until now, most adaptations were meant for PC gaming, leaving console gamers with screen tearing to fend for themselves. Mismatched refresh rates and high latency can ruin gameplay experience, it doesn't matter whether you're playing an FPS or your favourite RPG. 

Cardboard and games, Nintendo Labo coming soon

Nintendo Labo is based on the already existing Nintendo switch console. But now you can combine it with cardboard figures. To get a more learning and more discovering experience.

Gamewarez Gaming Beanbags Review

While a good gaming experience depends mostly on the game itself, it's also important to have a nice seat and posture to keep you going for some hours. PC gamers have had nice gaming chairs for years now, allowing them to enjoy a great gaming experience. However, these chairs are meant for PC gamers as without a desk, they're practically useless for for example console gamers.

Updated OUYA Console Announced, Available Now

Despite a successful Kickstarter campaign, the OUYA had a shaky launch in June last year, with slow adoption rates, despite impressive developer support. This past weekend, OUYA announced an updated version (second generation, if you will) of their console. The price has jumped from $99 to $129, but is that the only new thing about the second generation? No, sir. Not by a long shot.

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