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Battlefield 5 Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer

DICE and EA released a new multiplayer gameplay trailer for Battlefield 5. The game is the successor of Battlefield 1 and takes place in the World War 2. Battlefield 5 was first announced at the end of May and will release on October 19th. According to the trailer, it'll be the first time in Battlefield that players will be able to use and assemble a set of customized soldiers, vehicles, weapons, ... .

Far Cry Primal - A Better View

One of the games I'm looking forward to has to be Far Cry Primal for sure.

Titanfall Alpha Footage Leaked

It seems a few a few lucky gamers included in Titanfall's exclusive alpha on Xbox One have taken it upon themselves to break the non-disclosure agreement by uploading gameplay videos. Check them out while they're hot; Respawn Entertainment's legal department is no doubt already on top of the copyright claims to have the videos removed.


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